A paratrooper drops more than 100 million seeds in a deforested area of ​​the Amazon

Skydiver Luigi Cani made one of the most important jumps of his career in the Amazon region.

The world record holder for the world’s smallest parachute jump brought 100 million seeds from 27 native tree species to a remote deforested area in the heart of the Amazon region. The action was promoted by Audi do Brasil.

We went through a very exhaustive process to gather all the tools capable of making this action possible. And there’s no better feeling than the moment we hit the ground again and know everything was okay. The seeds collected for the project have a germination rate of over 95% and do not need human intervention to germinate, so in a few years we will see the fruits of this unprecedented action.

Luigi Cani

More than 3,700 kilos of materials and equipment were sent by boat to the municipality of Novo Aripuanã, in Amazonas, while other actions were carried out with the Audi e-tron electric vehicle ashore.

For the jump, a biodegradable wooden box of more than 1 m³ and 300 kg of seeds was dropped from an airplane at 14 thousand feet. When he got within 6,500 feet of the cleared area, Luigi Cani dived at 300 km/h, hit the freefall box and dropped the seeds at the correct height to ensure precise and even distribution.

Audi do Brasil invests in projects capable of promoting the values ​​of the brand through actions that benefit and generate a legacy for society. Therefore, supporting another important action by Luigi Cani has been a source of great pride for the entire team of brand employees.

Cláudio Rawicz, head of marketing and communication at Audi do Brasil.

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