Yamaha Neo’s, new urban electric scooter at a competitive price

Yamaha has announced the arrival on the European market of the new Yamaha Neo’s, a small electric scooter designed specifically for urban mobility.

A model therefore equivalent to the classic 50 cc scooter. This new scooter will be available through the Yamaha dealer network at an ex-dealer price of €3,199 from June 2022.

The dimensions are compact for easy city driving. The scooter has rubber moldings which also help to protect it from minor bumps and scratches. The new Yamaha Neo will be available in Milky White and Midnight Black colors.

The scooter can also feature a seat height of 795mm and a wide, flat footrest.

The manufacturer claims that placing the battery under the saddle, rather than under the footpeg, has allowed the new NEOs to offer plenty of space, allowing riders tall or short to adopt their preferred riding position.

The NEO’s 27-litre underseat compartment can hold a jet helmet, even with the optional second battery. The wheels are 13 inches.

Yamaha Neo’s features an LCD dashboard which, in addition to information such as speed and range, displays riding mode indicators and icons for connecting to the smartphone app, calls and email notifications. -mail. Indeed, the manufacturer offers the MyRide application which provides access to technical and operational information such as speed, acceleration, vehicle battery status, route tracking and much more.

The electric scooter has a Smart Key keyless ignition system.

Speaking of drivetrain, we have a 2.5kW unit sitting directly on the rear hub. It is powered by a removable 1 kWh battery that weighs 8 kg. Yamaha claims a range of 37 km. As we have already said, you can equip the scooter with a second battery which allows you to extend the distance up to approximately 68 km.

The battery can be recharged both when installed in the vehicle and after removing it to connect it to a power outlet. The NEOs come with a portable charger designed to be plugged into a household power outlet. A full charge takes about 8 hours.

The electric scooter offers two driving modes: ETS and ECO.

STD mode offers a maximum power of 2.06 kW at 40 km/h. ECO mode aims to reduce battery consumption and is suitable for unexpected long trips to reach the maximum possible distance. In ECO mode, maximum power is 1.58 kW at 30 km/h and top speed is limited to 35 km/h, while power is reduced throughout the speed range to extend battery life over a distance of approximately 38.5 km with a charged battery.

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