World Bike Day 2022

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It is curious that with only 365 days a year, there are days for everything imaginable. Obviously, one of these days of the year must be reserved for the most sustainable, fun and recommended means of transport: the bicycle. We tell you when, how and why World Bike Day 2022.

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World Bike Day 2022

Obviously, there is a world bicycle day and the goal of many countries is that this celebration takes place every day of the year. The goal of reducing emissions is to raise awareness of the use of sustainable transport and initiatives such as the World Bike Day 2022 is one of them.

World Bike Day 2022 Activities

In case you didn’t know, the World Bike Day 2022 is celebrated on June 3. In fact, it is always celebrated on the same date, but since when World Bike Day 2022? Well, for less time than expected.

World Bike Day 2022 | Since when is it celebrated?

The bicycle is a cheap, healthy and sustainable means of transport that man has used for more than two centuries. With the rise of the automobile, the bicycle has lost a place which it is trying to recover, which is why the world bike day corn,Since when do we celebrate World Bike Day??

Benefits of World Bike Day 2022

It was the United Nations General Assembly that established, in 2018, that the June 3 was World Bike Day.. And this was the case, along with a campaign launched by Leszek Sibilsky, a well-known professional cyclist in the 70s and 80s who has been promoting the use of the bicycle as an alternative means of transport for decades. His proposal was accepted by a majority and today there are already more than 50 countries celebrating the world bike day

Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, issued a message stating that the world bike day it will have continuity, support and promotion for many years. And it is that June 3 is “a day to promote this ecological means of transport, so economical and beneficial for our health”, which in recent times has been obtaining “great social recognition”.

World Bike Day 2022 since when

Industrialization and the expansion of urban centers during the 20th century made the car the usual means of transport for man, despite its high polluting power. Not only is it polluted, but an important part of the budgets of the Administrations is devoted to the maintenance of the infrastructures for the vehicles. Thus, promoting the use of bicycles would result in many benefits for ourselves, society and public coffers, in addition to the environment.

World Bike Day 2022 route

Indeed, most journeys made by car are made over short distances that could perfectly be covered by bicycle. Promoting its use, helping the Administrations to create adequate infrastructures and having a safe environment for cyclists is the mission of the World Bike Day 2022. And so drivers of motorized vehicles have to get used to the idea that cyclists have the same rights as them to use public roads.

World Bike Day 2022 family

Today, hundreds of millions of people use bicycles as a means of transportation. In addition, some countries even facilitate access to cycling, with direct aid for purchase. Despite this, it is not usual. Hence the relevance of keeping the World Bike Day 2022 as a claim for the rights of cyclists and a loudspeaker to promote the use of bicycles.

World Bike Day 2022 | Benefits of using the bicycle

To convince everyone of the fads of cycling, there’s nothing like diving into list of advantages of using the bicycle. Benefits at all levels that many people will benefit from.

2022 World Bike Day Park

  • Economic savings – The bike requires an initial investment and minimal maintenance, in case of a puncture but nothing else. You don’t need fuel, insurance, regular maintenance or a constant investment that can be estimated at several hundred euros per year. For short distances it’s perfect.
  • Health – In addition to saving, you will exercise. Cycling involves doing cardio and adopting a healthy lifestyle. If you’re going to work with her, you make sure to exercise five days a week.
  • Quickly – With the bike you will not get stuck, you will not have to wait behind other cars, even in some cities you have cycle paths that cross almost the entire environment.

World Vintage Bike Day 2022

  • easy – Cycling is very simple. You don’t need too much time and, of course, a driving school with expensive lessons and even more expensive exams. With what you spend on your driver’s license, you can buy a high-end bike
  • Adaptable – The bike adapts to all types of terrain, regardless of their hardness, which the car does not. In addition, when it comes to parking, the bicycle always has its place. From the car it is better not to even speak.

world bike day 2022 nature

  • Environment – Obviously, the bicycle is a sustainable and ecological means of transport. Zero emission.
  • Space out – When it comes to parking your bike, you can leave it almost anywhere. In the meantime, to store it at home, one of the most recommended options is to use a hanger on the wall to leave it high, so that it does not take up real space on the floor. If you have a garage or storage room, even better.

World Bike Day 2022 | As celebrated

According to countries and cities, World Bike Day celebrations and activities vary. From cycling routes through the countryside, by road or mountain, to cycle tourism concentrations, passing through spinning courses, fairs with used bikes or activities with raffles, discounts and promotions. The goal is for more and more people to have a bicycle at home.

World Bike Day 2022

The best way to know the activities of World Bike Day 2022 It’s through social media.

However, if no one is organizing anything near you, you may be the only one doing it. Just create an event on the networks and offer a route through an area you know. Not only will you build a team and meet people, but you’ll have a great day and lay the groundwork to repeat year after year. This is how Legendary Events begin.

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