Women and Permaculture – CATA Volume III Cuba – Capsule 5

Permaculture is defined as a system of principles and methods useful in planning sustainable human settlements. It is the conscious design and sustainable maintenance of human communities and agricultural systems, with the same diversity, stability, resilience, ability to respond to change and recovery of natural systems.

Women have played a key role in the development of family permaculture. He has contributed to the production of food in small spaces, the use of vertical and circular cultures, the use of water and the recycling of household waste to contribute to food sovereignty.

“Capsule 5 Women and permaculture” }

Participants: Arai Aliuska Labrada Díaz, Finca Los Cocos, Ciénaga de Zapata, Matanzas. Valia Savran Finca Liubov, Sancti Spiritus.

Director and producer: Alejandro Ramírez Anderson Scientific advisor: Mildrey Soca Production assistant: Mabel Olalde Voice-over: Yoe Pérez Voice recording: Glenda Martínez Photographer: MG Naviera (Matanzas) Sound engineer: Michel Alejandro Cantel Quintana (Matanzas) Photographer: Samuel Reina Calvo (Sancti Spíritus) Sound engineer: Tomás Cordoví Muro (Sancti Spíritus) Field production: Emigdio E. Rodríguez (Sancti Spíritus) Editing: Nancy Burneo Editing and mixing. Edgar Leon. Animation: Luis Garrido Original music: Paula Piñeiro Acknowledgments: Victoria Novillo, Yuvan Contino and Anay López



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