Wikkelhouse, prefabricated houses made of 100% recyclable cardboard

Wikkelhouse is an ecological modular house built in corrugated board, very easy to transport that can be installed in just one day. Dutch designers from Fiction Factory say it can be used for 100 years.

A real durable and long-lasting house: few brick constructions exceed the 100-year threshold. Each house consists of several modules: entrance, bathroom, kitchen, living room, fully customizable, it can be a small house in the garden, up to fully equipped apartments.


Wikkelhouse is constructed from large rolls of corrugated cardboard, glued in layers with eco-friendly glue and wrapped 24 times by a mold in the shape of a house. This creates a permanently strong and thermally insulated structure. The exterior is sealed with a waterproof coating.

House Wikkel

The house allows you to customize it using different materials, as well as window sizes and colors of finishes.

The Wikkelhouse, as its designers claim, is 3 times more durable than conventional residential buildings.

Thanks to its extreme lightness, it does not require a foundation: which means that it can be installed on the beach, in the forest, on the meadow, behind your house or even in a warehouse. Once all the modules have been selected, it can be assembled in a single day.

Another of the most outstanding features of the Wikkelhouse is its excellent thermal insulation and the complete recycling of materials.

The houses are built with 1.2 meter deep segments, so the designs can be very flexible to suit our needs.

More information: wikkelhouse.cl

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