Why Use Organic Fertilizer on Your Home Plants

When it comes to caring for your plants at home, Do you pay attention to the type of fertilizer you use to keep them healthy and strong? This is one of the most asked questions when focusing on choosing the right fertilizer, while it is also one of the most dubious.

organic fertilizer

Should you choose an organic or inorganic fertilizer? For a plant in the house, which is the best option? Doubts arise that must be resolved before planting and caring for the plants, as our goal is to provide them with the best care and nutrients to ensure that their leaves, colors and stems grow healthy and strong.


Differences Between Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers

We have a wide variety of possibilities, depending on the plant, its characteristics and the environment in which we plant it. However, today you are going to find out why organic fertilizer is a great option and why buy worm humus at Pur Plant it’s even better.

One of the main characteristics of organic fertilizers is the composition, where all its elements are of animal or vegetable origin, that is, they are completely natural and do not require external chemical agents. Manure from animals, humus from earthworms or the decomposition of leaves are a clear example.

They provide nutrients and allow your plant’s substrate to be rich in everything it needs to keep growing. In addition, the risk of toxic overdose is minimal since there is no external agent in this type of fertilizer. And if that wasn’t enough, organic fertilizer fertilizes the soil as its matter decomposesgradually.

On the other hand, inorganic fertilizers have a composition of synthetic minerals, that is, they are designed to act in a much more definite way. Hence the importance of having to choose the right fertilizer for a certain plant, otherwise it could harm more than help.

Earthworm Humus Organic Fertilizer

Let’s discover the advantages of a good organic fertilizer

Following the line of organic fertilizers, such as earthworm humus, one of the greatest benefits they provide to the plant focuses on the substrate, in the base and the pillar responsible for guaranteeing the nutritional and mineral supply which he needs.

A good organic fertilizer allows Let’s take advantage of organic waste by improving the water absorption capacity of the soil itself.even allowing better ventilation and providing greater comfort to the roots of the plant.

It contains all the necessary nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus, so that any plant can grow in perfect conditions. Elements that will also be found in inorganic fertilizers but in a much more determined and concrete proportion, perhaps insufficient or excessive for our indoor plants, because the domestic cultivation of plants is not the same as large projects.

homemade organic fertilizers

Avoid chemical agents on your plants

One of the main advantages of having organic fertilizers is that we won’t have to worry about chemical components. If it is true that on certain occasions the culture needs it, for our indoor plants it is advisable to do without.

get our plants appear radiant and full of vitality is a condition that depends on many factorsfrom the type of fertilizer to the location we choose for them, so we won’t have to overlook a single detail.

Now well, a good humus of earthworms in our possession will do wonders with the soil where the plant lies. Its organic properties and the characteristics of this type of natural fertilizer will make any of your plants grow in the best conditions. Without the need for a single chemical component.

Now you know why use organic fertilizer and what are the reasons. All you have to do is prepare your plants and check how their properties allow them to grow full of vitality. Shall we try?


homemade organic fertilizers

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