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What is saw palmetto and what are its properties

Saw palmetto or sabal is a palm native to North America, which is used to treat various ailments. This dwarf palm, whose scientific name is serenoa repents, has raised some controversy, as wonderful and almost miraculous results are attributed to it for treating certain conditions. We will talk about all this today, as well as about the benefits of tablets and medicines based on this plant obtained from the berries of the palm tree.

saw palmetto

What is saw palmetto used for and what are its benefits?

Now let’s see what saw palmetto or saw palmetto extract is used for, and for what ailments it is usually used regularly. It has diuretic, astringent, softening, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and is used to treat certain prostate conditions, hair loss, urinary tract infections and respiratory conditions.

saw palmetto for the prostate

One of the best-known uses of this plant is as a medicine to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, a condition related to male aging, also known as enlarged prostate.

It is a non-cancerous enlargement, an overgrowth of prostate tissue that presses on the urethra and bladder, and can block urine and affect urination.

According to various studies, saw palmetto is one of the best natural treatments for this prostate problem as it could help regenerate damaged tissues.

baldness or alopecia

Another common use of serenoa repents This is to stop hair loss. This plant is recommended to treat androgenetic or hereditary baldness. It can be combined with castor oil for the hair, applied externally, while saw palmetto is consumed internally.

saw palmetto for women

In case of hair loss in women, the causes of which can be hereditary or nervous, saw palmetto has also proven its effectiveness.

throat and respiratory problems

An also common use of this plant, which is apparently an ancient use among North American Indians, is to treat throat problems and conditions, from coughs to respiratory problems such as bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis , etc

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of the plant are effective in these cases.


The dose of saw palmetto varies depending on the intended use. To treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, it is recommended to take 160 mg per day in tablets.

Contraindications of saw palmetto

Among the contraindications of saw palmetto, it should be noted that its consumption can cause diarrhea. Sometimes it can also cause dizziness, headache, and nausea.

serenoa repents


There is some controversy over the boom of this plant as medicine. According to the Nutrition Business Journal, in 2013 alone, the products of serenoa repents they have generated nearly $150 million in the United States from marketing alone.

There are those who attribute that the benefits it brings to health, to treat these aforementioned ailments, are nil or negligible. But hey, whether it’s serious or not, this plant and its products are there to be tested and some scientific studies confirm their effectiveness.

It therefore remains to deepen its use. That said, did you know the properties of saw palmetto and what is it used for? Do you have any experience of using it?

As we always say, leave it in the comments, may we and our readers benefit from contributions that expand our knowledge of medicinal plants.

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