Why did allergies come early this year?

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If you are an allergic person or in your entourage you have relatives or acquaintances who are, you have surely already noticed or seen that these people feel the symptoms of allergy despite the fact that spring has not yet arrived. . There are many types of allergies, although the most common, and the one that most often affects even people who don’t even know they have it, are spring allergies. Pollen from the environment enters our airways, enters our eyes, and comes into contact with our skin, and if we’re sensitive, we can have a bad time. The question that many allergy sufferers ask themselves is: Why did allergies come early this year? The weather is the answer.

Why did allergies come early this year?


climate change and allergies


For years we have been talking about climate change and how the cycles of the seasons are modified. Torrential rains happen when they shouldn’t; very dry seasons alternate with very rainy seasons and vice versa; the same goes for temperatures, which alternate between very high and abnormally low in places where this is not normal; and therefore an infinity of abnormal phenomena linked to the climate which affect the atmosphere and the flowering.

spring time

field in spring

It doesn’t matter if your calendar says it’s February or March. If you look at mercury, it will surely mark temperatures more typical of spring Although it hasn’t officially happened yet. You notice it in the clothes you wear, which makes you overheat or you have to look for lighter clothes at times when you should still be wearing a cardigan. But this is the least you can do, because if you look around you will see that the flora is also undergoing these changes, accelerating its processes. There are already plants that have opened their flowers and aromas that flood spring but smell good in the middle of winter.

pollen allergies

Does this seem weird to you? We almost got used to it and, the truth is, we love it, because it smells so good and it’s a pleasure for the eyes to see the plants thriving. However, this has its consequences and that is that there will also be pollen everywhere. Your nose, eyes, throat and skin may have noticed. spring is ahead and, with it, allergies.

flowering is longer


Closely linked to the previous reason, the vegetation is in flower and begins before its time, but that does not mean that it also ends before, far from it! It’s just longer. Because of this, we will have more time for pollen in our environment. Spring is longer and therefore allergies will also last longer. It is such a beautiful reality, because there are flowers and beauty in nature, because it is devastating for people with allergies.

Introduction of invasive species

woman among flowers

Most plants develop in the spring, but not all of them. Some species have other periods of development and do so in other months of the year. Because with the climate change pollination and flowering is accelerating, it happens that some and other species coincide, that is, those that should bloom in spring-summer and those that do the same in autumn-winter. This produces a high concentration of pollen because, instead of alternating, the two species coincide and it is the pollen-filled air that suffers. The air we breathe affects us.

vegetation along the roads

Herbs by the roadside

To suffer from allergies it is not necessary to go to the field, although they will undoubtedly intensify if we do. What happens is that the flora is not only found in the middle of the field, but in all the surrounding space and the existence of grasses next to the roads makes them extend beyond their area , their expansion being favored by the circulation of vehicles.

if you pass by grassy and herbaceous areas, extreme precautions in case of allergy! Roll down the windows and you will even be good to wear a mask even if you are inside the vehicle. Because these weeds remain on the bodywork of our cars and, with the windows open, they permeate the passenger compartment. In addition, the air evacuated by the circulation will carry them and spread them in the environment.

pollution in general


If it were just grasses the world would be better off but unfortunately there are more pollutants that we are exposed to which also play a part in making allergies worse. To think that we are in an environment where we breathe contaminted air: gases from vehicles, factories, etc., to which are added pollination. It’s a real breeding ground for us at certain longer and longer times to suffer from allergies or suffer from symptoms even those of us who have not been diagnosed with allergies before.

here are the reasons why allergies have increased this year. If you have symptoms, do not hesitate to go to your doctor to see you and tell you how you can better cope with your allergy. And it is that more and more people are declaring allergies, especially when spring arrives or when, even without being, the temperatures are typical of these months.

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