Who can manage a garden and not die trying

Anyone in normal physical and mental condition can have a garden. You don’t need to be super good at health or a super smart genius to successfully run a garden, but it does require good health and physical stamina.

Physical stamina to work outdoors, sometimes in intense cold and other times in extreme heat, and to perform tasks that require quite normal and affordable strength for both men and women. Gardeners can do their gardening work with true mastery and affectionate charm, and their plants grow as much or more than anyone else’s.

As for the mental form, it’s good to have a good memorya great willingness to organize and plan projects, goals and work to follow, why and how I want to achieve them.

Besides, As we work the orchard we become more capable, both physically and mentally; we will acquire strength and mastery of tools, and at the same time more capacity for organization and memory. And very important; our vision of nature, of life and of the world we are to inhabit will change significantly, enriching us in our own conception of being and being, here and now.

So the orchard can be for anyone who loves and appreciates nature, and from their direct contact with it, that they feel a great love for it and its vegetative processes, that they are impressed by the way a plant is and how it develops. There are people who need to be surrounded by nature, plants, trees and animals of all kinds, to be happy.

For everyone with a certain amount of curiosity, patience and desire to work. It is not necessary to be a little ant without stopping working from sunrise to sunset, but it will be necessary to develop the availability to carry out without delay certain important or vital tasks for the perfect development of the crop, and not not fail out of laziness or laziness. ; In the long run this can be very frustrating as we are not able to give the little that the orchard asks of you, so you disappoint the most righteous and never because of us.

For everything he or she has an analytical, speculative mind and a desire for researchwho can carry out an organized work process by himself, to achieve the planned objectives.

And of course, for all those able to face a great adventure, an experiential treasure, and able to learn more about his own experience, on natural cycles, nature itself and its time. But above all, able to learn from oneself and from one’s own sensitivity to the here and now of life, and of the world or the environment around us.

You will acquire all this and much more by working in your own garden.

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