White flowering plants for home and garden

White flowers symbolize peace, purity, eternity, elegance and innocence, and that is why they are ideal both to show the feeling of love towards the person we want to conquer, as well as to show our sorrow for a death or joy for a marriage or the birth of a baby.

White flowers

In weddings, white flowers were used in ancient times to symbolize the virginity of women on their wedding day, and although this custom has changed over time, white has remained the preferred color for adorning centerpieces. at weddings.

give one bouquet of white flowers will show the transparency of our intentions. Not in vain in weddings, the arrangements of these flowers occupy the primordial spaces, because they symbolize the lasting love in the relationship of the couple. Just as the bride wears a white dress, it is normal for the flowers adorning it to also be white.

In Spain, these types of flowers are considered ideal for weddings because they symbolize the happiness that should exist in the marital union, a pure and sincere love that will be maintained for as long as the relationship lasts.

A bouquet of white flowers on an anniversary serves to symbolize the eternity of reciprocal love.

The symbolism of white flowers also encompasses the sick, so it is tasteful to visit the convalescent with a bouquet of white roses.

Not only that. When it comes to showing deep respect for the memory of a deceased person, it is also the ideal color for the representation of purity and eternity that it implies. A bouquet of white flowers is seen as a manifestation of grief for the physical demise of the friend, with the wish that he attain the Glory of the Lord.

white flowers for the garden

In Madrid, during the tribute to the victims of Covid-19, white flowers were placed in the cauldron for the fire to purify them, a simple gesture full of deep emotion where the white flowers left the proof of their charge symbolic associated with eternity and Memory.

What are the different types of white flowers?

White flowers come in different types, each having a special meaning, depending on the time and the occasion.


The rose is the flower of love, especially red roses, but white roses are those that the bride carries in her trousseau, because of its meaning of pure and perpetual love. It is also associated with births, precisely for this reason, because of the purity which signifies the baby that has just been born.

white flowers roses


The orchid is a flower of immaculate beauty that has spread all over the world, conquering followers everywhere. The white orchid has a meaning associated with respect and friendship, the ideal is to keep it inside the house to decorate interior spaces, thanks to its exuberant beauty.


If a flower represents seduction, it is the white dahlia, of an impressive beauty. associated with momentum, but also with gratitude. Giving a bouquet of white dahlias is the manifestation of the passion that the loved one arouses in us.

dahlia white flowers


Thought is the flower of memory. Giving it as a gift shows that we are still aware of that special someone, so it is ideal to give it on birthdays, especially wedding anniversaries. It is a flower of great candor that feeds on memories.

white lily

The white lily is a beautiful and delicate flower. Its beauty is due to its trumpet shape, with the petals spreading outwards. They are suitable for announcing the birth of a baby, baptisms and weddings, and also as a good omen for a new project.

white lily flowers


Jasmine is a climbing shrub with a pleasant fragrance; its flowers are beautiful and have a sense of attachment and hope, being ideal for watering loved ones

white lotus

Its main characteristic is that it grows in water, which is why it is a beautiful flower for decorating ponds.


The white tulip symbolizes humility and innocence, but also forgiveness, which is why it is the ideal gift when you want to be forgiven or forgiven.


The white gardenia symbolizes secret love, so in front of that person we love, but haven’t shown them, a bouquet of gardenias is a good way to show our feelings. To dare! That’s what flowers are for, to speak for us.


White carnations, like white roses, are widely used at weddings as they symbolize fidelity and marital commitment.


It is the most used flower at funerals, as it represents grief for the death of a very dear person. It is a flower that transmits peace and calm.

white flowers chrysanthemums


It is a flower native to South Africa which in other regions is known as Ethiopian flower, calla lily and water lily. In these regions, they are preferred by brides in their weddings, as they are very elegant and uniquely beautiful.


It is a winter plant, but its impressive beauty and brilliant white hue illuminates the interior spaces of homes, making it ideal for decorating the home.

The crown of the bride

Few flowers are so aptly named as this; Although it is a shrubby plant of tropical regions, its beautifully white petals are arranged to resemble a bride’s crown as she walks down the aisle.


It is the flower of honesty and sympathy, which is why they are usually seen in the hall or living room of houses as a sign of good reception expressed in friendship and love.

calla white flowers

white heron flower

This flower looks like a white heron, designed in nature by the hand of a god. He is from Russia, Korea and Japan. It looks like a bird with its peculiar shape and color, lush white plumage and outstretched wings.


It is a magnificent flower that emerges from its center, which opens at sunset, but only lasts for a day or two.


white flower plants

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