Where to buy and sell used books?

Where to buy and sell used books?

The sale of books online has grown exponentially in recent years thanks to the rise of websites like the ones we are going to list in this article.

Whether you want to make a few bucks selling those books you’ll never read again, or you’re looking for out-of-print editions or your favorite authors at cheaper prices, you have plenty of alternatives online.

The Internet has eliminated geographic barriers, allowing you to buy books online from home or sell those you no longer want or need, as well as exchange them with other people or donate them to associations.

We have compiled some web pages where you can practice the buying and selling books.


Sites to buy and sell used books

We collect web pages from buy used books. In these, it will be much easier to find what you are looking for and to make your own books available to other users:

  • AbeBooks: has in its catalog a wide selection of books, most of them under 5 euros, and varied themes for all tastes.
  • Hamlyn: an intermediary between the buyer; they buy the product, receive it and sell it.
  • Read again: nail cheap book page which stands out for its many offers. We can find books in pristine condition, a feature they also ask you to put up for sale.
  • Lifter: focused on the purchase and sale of school and educational, university, language or opposition books.
  • AIDA books and more: Used books from €1 and supports cooperation projects.
  • Second lesson: a very dynamic platform for sell used books online which allows all users to offer books – as a gift, in exchange or for sale – to other users.
  • The book of vice: nail online bookstore sell or buy used books. They rescue from the most unexpected corners books doomed to oblivion, classify them and put them on sale.
  • best books: Used books at good prices. Every kind. New and used books. Send to everyone.
  • binders: digital library designed for students. They help you manage sale and purchase of second-hand academic books.
  • Book House: In this famous Internet bookstore, you can also buy used titles and resell yours in their entirety. online book catalog. Registration is free.
  • microbooks: they take care of selling your books, carrying out all the formalities, you will only have to ask for the free collection.
  • todocollection: This online classifieds portal offers a wide range of books divided into two groups: those before and those after 1936. Here you have the possibility of buy out of print books in addition to buy in batches.
  • TikBooks: a chain of bookstores for buy used books and interrupted. They also offer packages.
  • Textbooks: as the name suggests, you can buy and sell all kinds of textbooks.
  • Ambiguous books: generic store for buying and selling second-hand books, whose main advantage is that it has very famous titles at cheap prices, so we recommend it to find bargains on bestsellers and popular books.
  • i want books: a great community for reading lovers, it has a mobile application.
  • Uniliberate: Spanish National Association of Professionals of the old book, old, used and out of print, as well as professional collectors. Here you can find old literary jewelry, sell your own.
  • Fnac: In this great online store of books, culture and technology, you can sell your used books through a specific section of the Web, among many other objects.
  • thousand announcements: one of the most important second-hand buying and selling sites, one of the most used in our country, and there you can find cheap book deals.
  • eBay: a classic for buying and selling everything, including all kinds of books.

do you know any others site for buying and selling second-hand books?

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