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Although there is still a long way to go, there are those who like to plan their holidays, their year or their soul with the arrival of spring. Especially if, as happened with that of 2020, it takes everyone confined. then know when does spring 2022 start It can be a way to turn the page and remember that no matter how badly things go, the sun always rises.



When does spring 2022 start

The question is clear and direct:When does spring 2022 start? The answer is also: Saturday, March 20, 2022. Specifically, at 09:37 UTC, the most anticipated spring of the 21st century will begin. And there is nothing like entering the spring confined to the house, to appreciate the weather, the conditions and the sun that we have in Spain.

late spring

But, in this case, we are talking about the northern hemisphere. Everything changes and everything is upside down in the southern hemisphere. doWhen does spring 2022 start in the southern hemisphere? The flowering season will not come before September 22, 2022at 7:21 p.m. UTC

origin of spring

Everyone knows what spring is, butwhat is the origin of spring? Etymologically speaking, the word spring comes from Latin and is built from ‘first‘ and of ‘you will see‘, which together mean ‘good weather‘. Without a doubt, a term that perfectly defines what the most colorful season symbolizes, with ideal average temperatures.

spring symptoms

This good weather contributes to the fact that the days are longer than the nightsthe sunlight is more present than in any other season and, to this is added the flowering of the plants which gives a particular color to each corner of the vegetation.

spring plants

From spring 2022, we can enjoy 91 days, about. will be the June 20 the day when we must welcome the summeras established by the schedule.

Why is spring 2022 starting

We know what it is, when it starts but we don’t know why spring 2022 is starting. the National Astronomical Observatorydepend on Ministry of Development, is the one that marks the beginning of spring. As this public body explains, the reason for the beginning of spring is given by the position where is the Earth in orbit around the Sun.

easter spring

When this season begins, it is because the Earth is at the center of the Sun’s orbit and the Sun crosses the celestial equator to the north. Then there is what is called Spring Equinoxwhen the day length and nightpractically, coincide.

spring nature

In this case,why the vernal equinoxes don’t happen on the same day every year? Basically, this is due to errors in the timing and the leap yearsthat change the duration of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

Spring myths and legends

Obviously, with the evocative power that the flowering season has, it was obvious that dozens of spring myths and legends. One of them refers to why we go from winter to spring. And the answer belongs to the gods. More specifically, in the abduction of persephone.

spring hells persephone

Daughter of Zeus and Demeteraccording to legend, was kidnapped by underworld (god of hell), who was in love with her. Her mother, Demeter, being a goddess of agriculture, made several trips to find her. During these trips, the earth has become barren.

spring trip

Ultimately, Zeus and Hades have come to an agreement for which she would spend part of the year on Earth and part in hell. So the story tells how springtime occurs when Persephone returns to Earth and his mother, the goddess of agriculture, rejoices and makes the plants bloom.

spring children

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Signs that spring 2022 is beginning

the signs that spring 2022 is starting They are more than obvious. However, it is worth remembering them and, above all, appreciating them, because in 2020 they could only be seen online or from the balcony clapping.

the natural source

  • Temperature – This is perhaps the most obvious change. In spring we go to average temperatures of 20 to 25 degrees, while in winter we get to be below zero.
  • rains – Despite the fact that there are usually heavy showers in spring, they are more tropical than in winter. Without hail, snow and icy winds, although in quantity, on many occasions, spring can surpass winter.

spring flowers

  • Nature – Another of the changes that occur, occurs in the nature. The animals they change their habits and stop hibernating to come to the surface. During this time, the floors to bloom.

spring change time

  • Time change – It is possible that the hours are numbered but, for more than a century, the arrival of spring has advanced the clock by one hour, that is to say sleeping one hour less, in exchange for have more light during the day. This change is made on the last weekend of March, when at 02:00 on Sunday they become 03:00. Many people need a week to readjust their body to this change.

a spring time

  • Winter hour – Six months later, the time change is reversed. The last weekend of October, at 03:00 it is 02:00. We gain an hour of sleep but it gets dark an hour earlier. Officially, winter time begins.

spring mood

The clock change does not take place in all parts of the world. At Spain done since 1974 with the intention of save energy. As in Spain, this measure is taken by other 69 countries around the world, to reduce energy consumption by adapting Daytime hours with the working day.


How does spring affect humans?

Who more, who less, when the flower season comes, notices changes in the organism. It is not for less, because the way how spring affects humans it is enormous

spring cherry blossom

  • More light, better mood – Spring, as we have seen, produces more hours of light per day, so it is normal that we do not feel more Animated. In countries like Finlandlive long periods without an hour of light per day and there are usually more people who suffer from depression

spring mountains

  • Greater sexual appetite – The sun is also responsible for the hormonal changes which promote greater sexual activity. It’s all about changes emotional What behavioral.

spring new york

  • negative changes – Some people notice the exact opposite of this high mood: they feel more sad, tired and without energy. This syndrome is known as spring asthenia and is produced by adaptation of the body to the temperature of this season, which also implies more humidity. This syndrome usually lasts a few weeks and it is not necessary to take medication. However, if these changes are accompanied by fever and weight loss, it may be a depressionit is therefore necessary to consult a doctor.

When does spring 2022 end

Everything that begins has an end and spring is no less. Thus, it is also important to know when does spring 2022 end and start watching spring 2022.

spring tourism holland

The truth is that the end of spring occurs when the summer solstice arrives. This happens in the month of June in the northern hemisphere and in December in the Southern hemisphere.

So the Spring 2022 will end on Sunday in Spain June 20 evening. This happens because on this day the Earth is in the furthest position possible in your orbit around the sun. In this way, the hours of day and night duration change, making the days even longer and the nights even shorter.

spring parks

Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring 2022 will end December 22, 2022, Christmas Eve. Like always.

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