What types of flowers are there?

Among the wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors that flowers have, there are many particular and striking data with which we could start and not stop until late at night. And it is that, the world of flowers is so vast that there are more than 250,000 cataloged specieseach of them with its different characteristics, tones and shapes.

types of flowers

If you want to know what types of flowers there are on the planet, you are as passionate as we are, you want to know some curiosities and information about them, how to know what was the sacred flower of the ancient egyptians, stay with us because today we have before us an article full of information and examples that will surprise and delight you. Shall we start?


Types of plants according to their flowers

We will begin our adventure by discovering How Plants Are Classified. As you already know, on the planet we can find plants with flowers and without flowers, but you will never see a flower without a plant. It is because of the flower comes from the plant itself, and not the reverse. And, those plants that generate seeds are divided into two types:

  • gymnosperm plants. They are estimated to have been on the planet for over 340 million years, they have perennial leaves, stems and roots, but do not produce fruit. Although they have seeds, they remain attached to the female leaf, like the scale of a pineapple. A clear example of these would be pinaceous plants or cypresses, for example.
  • Angiosperm plants. In this case, its flowers will be able to form seeds that will appear inside its fruits. The leaves they have can be varied and of all kinds, they are not limited only to the perennial condition. Daisies or roses are a clear example of this group, as is wheat or sugar cane.

Within the Angiosperm family, there are two varieties of flowers that can be identified even with the naked eye. THE monocotyledons They are plants that have a single cotyledon and their flowers have multiple petals of 3. On the other hand, the dicots They have two cotyledons and their petals will always be multiples of 4 or 5.

Moreover, with the pollination This is how pollen is transferred from one plant to another, thus promoting fertilization so that new flowers continue to sprout. This phenomenon occurs with angiosperm plants, hence the need to raise awareness and protect the animal species that carry out this work, such as bees or bats.

Different Ways to Classify Flower Types

There are many other ways to classify flowers, while some do it by highlighting the durability of its leaves and flowers by classifying them as perennials, biennials or ephemeral, others will do so by their mode of reproduction: sexual or asexual. There are so many measurable characteristics and qualities that it would be insufficient to do it only by one of the previous options, since in-depth study is needed to determine exactly the type of flower in front of which we find ourselves.

Others prefer to analyze plant size, although many of them do not have a flower or have other different qualities that require more detailed analysis. In this field you will find some easy to put them togethersince we can do it through these groups from smallest to largest:

  • herbaceous. Very widespread plants on the planet and with a very thin and flexible stem, although they have a short duration.
  • rub. Its height is higher than herbaceous, although in most cases they do not exceed 1 meter. Its stem is thicker and more woody.
  • Shrub. Roots multiply and grow more than bushes, branching out from the base and with one common quality in most cases: they are perennials.
  • Trees. They branch out when they reach a certain height and the trunk is also woody, thick and resistant. Some specimens can live for several centuries.

what types of flowers exist

Curiosities of flowers that you did not know

It is very likely that you still want to know the name of the favorite and sacred plant of the Egyptians but Did you know that flowers haven’t always existed? According to a study by Paris-Sud University, the first blooms appeared 140 million years ago. And, of the more than 250,000 species currently known, 35,000 belong to the rose family.

On the other hand, among those classified as the rarest flowers on the planet, we will find curious marvels such as the corpse flower, originally from Sumatra and whose plant only flowers every 40 years, ideal for the impatient. Vague morning glorya plant whose flowers open with each dawn and finally wither at nightfall, although the read it also generates flowers that last only one day.

And yes, the sacred flower of the Egyptians was The Rose of the Nile or Indian Lotusa very beautiful aquatic variety, whose seeds They can germinate even after a thousand years and whose presence was guaranteed in a multitude of acts, venerations and funerary rituals. For ancient Egypt, the lotus was considered a sacred flower and symbol of eternal life.


types of flowers exist

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