What to do with used cooking oil

What to do with used cooking oilImage: yortzafoto Shutterstock.

Oil is a product found in all kitchens. But this homemade product it’s very polluting once we have already used it. To avoid contaminating the water or our waste with used oil, we can follow certain instructions. Today we are going to tell you What to do with used oil to avoid contamination that he can produce.

The first thing you need to know is that pouring oil down the drain is not the most convenient. When you do, you cause hygiene and pollution problems, with adverse effects on our environment.

Effects that oil can cause.

You may be surprised to know that oil is a polluting product. After all, it’s something you use in food. The normal thing would be to think that it is a natural product that does not cause any harm.

In reality It is a natural product that you can consume. But we all know that water doesn’t mix with oil. When you throw it down the drain and it reaches the seas and rivers, it stays on the surface.

So, the water is not oxygenated correctly and this unfortunately affects the aquatic fauna and flora. Causing the death of its target.

A single liter of household oil can contaminate up to 1,000 liters of water.

But that’s not all. In the same way when we are on the surface of the water the rays of the sun cannot pass. Therefore, aquatic plants do not carry out photosynthesis.

If the oil falls on the earth, it ends up turning it into barren land. Prevents oxygenation and water circulation, so that no type of plant can grow there. Plus, the oil turns into a sticky substance that can clog your drains.

What to do with used oil?

These are some of the ways to reuse oil and thus avoid contamination.

Use it to cook again.

A simple way to avoid having to pour oil down the drain. When finished frying, let the oil cool. Strain the same into a container and save it to use next time you need to fry something.

Depending on the type of oil, you can reuse it several times without any problem. But you have to be very careful because it can cause health problems if not done properly. We can use it again every time the smoke point of the oil has not been exceeded.

Solidifies the oil.

In some supermarkets you can buy a product that, when mixed with oil, turns it into a solid. This way you can dispose of the product without causing any harm to the environment. Or better yet, you can store it more securely so you can recycle or reuse it later. There are several brands that sell this product, Sole Frito, Solidoil, Solid-i-friet or even FryAway.

Recycle it in a clean point.

You can also store the oil in a container whenever you use it for cooking. Once you have a large sum, take it to a recycling point. Search the Internet for the closest clean point to your city.

How to recycle used oil at home.

There are other options that allow you to give the oil other uses. These are ways to get the most out of this product, taking care of the ecosystem.

Make soap.

A wonderful way to reuse oil. You can make scented soap for the bath or laundry. By mixing oil with a little caustic soda and a little gasoline, you can get a natural soap.

Homemade soap mold.

You also already have commercial products that turn used oil into soap for the washing machine. The benefits of making homemade soap are many and varied.

Soap recycling oil.

Make biofuel.

Besides soap making, you can also get in touch with a biofuel company. These usually collect the oil for turn it into useful fuel for transportation.

There are even companies that turn frying oil into natural bioplastic.

Make your own candles.

Mix the used oil with a few drops of homemade essential oil. Add it to the mixture with which you prepare your candles. You will get delicious aromatic candles and you will have recycled the oil.

Do you know of other uses?

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