What to do with used coffee

What to do with used coffeeWhat to do with used coffee. Image: Victoria43 Shutterstock

Did you know that after enjoying the delicious morning coffee and you can reuse its patterns for very useful things? If you don’t know what other uses to give used coffee, we’ll tell you.

After making your coffee the grounds that remain can be used in the garden, beauty, cleaning and much more. Join us to find out how to make the most of it.


What to do with coffee grounds + uses of used coffee.

Surely you throw it away thinking it has no other use. The coffee cup not only has other uses, they are also all very practical, put them into use and you will see.

Clean your pots and pans.

It is inevitable that sometimes your pots and pans will receive some of the food you have prepared. After cooking, it is tedious to wash and remove these residues.

But if you use two tablespoons of coffee grounds and rubbing with a cloth will help you remove the remains more easily.

Eliminates bad odors.

First of all you should know that coffee is wonderful for absorbing bad smells, its use is very simple. Put the coffee in small open containers, then put it inside the refrigeratorthe garbage cans, in a corner of the bathroom.

You can also prepare small coffee bags that are completely closed but made of breathable fabric and use them in drawers and the bathroom. Also, if you chopped onion or garlic, rub your hands with the dregs before washing them.


Repel cats from your garden.

Your neighbor’s cat is stepping on your plants and damaging them, so it’s time to find a solution. Keep in mind that these animals hate coffee, so if you put a little in your garden you will manage to hunt them.

Natural scrub.

When it comes to keeping your skin soft, coffee can also be your friend. Use a little coffee on a sponge and rub to remove dead cells. You can also mix with a little honey and prepare a mask.

Repellent against fleas and ants.

Every time you put a dessert on the table, a large number of ants appear. For this reason, it is convenient to sprinkle coffee around, ants will not approach.

Besides if you bathe your dog and want to protect him from fleas, pass some coffee moistened in water, you will avoid fleas and the smell of wet dog.

Uses of coffee in the orchard or garden.

The patterns and remnants of the coffee maker have many super simple uses in the garden in addition to having basic nutrients that all plants need and improve the bacterial life of the soil. As with all wonderful compounds for the soil, keeping the proportions so they stay balanced in acidity is key, it’s great for the soil but if you put on 20 pounds it becomes something awful. Meet them.


scented soap

From now on, don’t throw away soap residue, mix them with a little coffee and a little water and let them soften. Then, with your hands, form a tablet, you will have a delicious coffee scented soap that is at the same time exfoliating.

Eliminates dark circles.

Unfortunately, dark circles make our face look ugly, it makes us look older and tired. If you want to remove them, put coffee grounds on them and leave to act for a few minutes.

Healthy and beautiful hair.

This natural remedy is for brown or black hair, as it can darken the hair. Put a little coffee in your usual shampoobeat and mix well.

Then, wash your hair as usual, this will give you shiny hair, without dandruff or excess oil.

Simple recipes to take advantage of coffee residues, not to be missed.

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