What to do with silica gel sachets

Surely you have come across small bags with gel inside many times when you open a box, bag or other packaged product. On these dates you will surely find many around your home. These bags are there to fight against humidity. Although it is normally indicated that they should be discarded, do not, today you will learn how to recycle them and give them other uses.


How to regenerate silica gel.

You can use these silica gel bags a lot, because they can be reused and be useful for much longer.

If you want to reactivate the gel Just follow this simple step: place the silica sachets on a tray and put it in the oven for one hour at a temperature of 100°C.

To keep them, you must store them in a perfectly closed container, while you are not using them. This will protect them from moisture and extend their life.

Uses of silica gel bags

Its function is to remove moisture. So based on that, we can give it various uses.

  • Keep the pictures: Put silica gel bags in your photo albums or wherever you have stored them. They will prevent them from sticking and deteriorating.
  • Extends the life of razors: What causes them to deteriorate faster is rust created by moisture. If you store your razors in a container with two gel packs, they will be kept in optimal condition for longer.
  • Remove moisture from your mobile: If for any reason your mobile gets wet, do not throw it away. First try to dry it, remove the battery and leave it overnight in a box with silica wraps.
  • Keep silver like new: Silver jewelry when not worn becomes ugly. If you want to keep it as new, put a silica envelope in the jewelry box and surprise yourself.
  • Removes moisture from cabinets: To avoid that unpleasant smell from clothes when they are in a damp closet. Place gel bags in different parts of it.
  • Dry your bathing suit when you get home: Whether it’s your swimsuit or any other garment. If you must travel with it wet. Put it in a plastic bag with several envelopes of silica and you will see how it absorbs moisture.
  • Defog car windows: In winter, inserting several small sachets of silica inside the car avoids fogging of the windows.
  • Protect papers and documents: Put two bags of gel in filing cabinets or drawers where you keep important documents. They will prevent moisture from damaging the papers.
  • Prevents the appearance of bad odors in the bags: Put a silica envelope inside your bag and prevent the humidity from giving off a bad smell.
  • Storing seeds and bulbs: If you store bulbs and seeds in a dry place wrapped in newspaper. Store them in cardboard boxes with a few bags of silica gel.
What to do with silica gel sachetsSilica gel sachets. Image: Jakkrit pimpru Shutterstock

From now on keep the sachets of silica gel that you will find in the packaging of new products. You already know the uses that you can give it and you know how to reload the envelopes so that they have much more durability.

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