What to do with eggshells

What to do with eggshellsWhat to do with eggshells. Image: Marina Onokhina Shutterstock

If you’ve been throwing eggshells in the trash so far, let me tell you that you are wasting a raw material that can provide you with many benefits. Read on and find out what to do with eggshells.

The egg is a very nutritious food, so its shell also contains many of these nutrients. You can also use them to improve your health, at home or for beauty.

They contain 98% calcium carbonate and also other minerals in lesser proportion, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.


Uses of eggshell.

There are many uses you can give to this ingredientso you will be surprised by its wide usefulness.

descaling cleaner

Add crushed eggshells to your dish detergent and rubs the bottom of pots and pans.

Strengthens the nails.


½ teaspoon eggshell powder, clear nail polish.


Grind the shell until it becomes a powder, then add it to the glaze and shake well. Ultimately apply a coat of varnish at least 3 times a week.


Recalcify with eggshells.

The eggshell has been used since ancient times to recalcify, learn how to do it.


Nourishing mask.

Healthy mask and firming of the face: You have to mix the shell powder with the egg white, apply it on the face and let it dry before rinsing.

Plant fertilizer.

Fertilizer with eggshells. Image: ThamKC Shutterstock


10 eggshells.


Grate the shells, then spread the same on the soil of your plants. Repeat once a month.

Bleaching of clothes.



1 small bag of gauze, 3 eggshells.


First, break the shell into small pieces, then Put them in the gauze bag and close it. Put this bag in the washing machine when washing.

Uses of eggshell in the garden

Pest control such as slugs and snails, calcium rich fertilizer, additional humus or compost, eggshell tea, pH improvement by reducing soil acidity, calcium supplement for chickens or birds, biodegradable eggshell nurseries.


You know why you shouldn’t throw away the eggshells, there are many ways to reuse them and benefit from them.

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