What to do with dry leaves that fall in autumn

What to do with dry leaves

With autumn comes dry leaves. There are several ideas you can use to take advantage of all that raw material.

During the fall we see the fall of the dry tree leaves nonstop. This material is full of nutrients that we can use in different ways.


What to do with dry leaves.

Sheet upholstery.

You can shred them with any tool, ideally a garden shredder. Once we have chopped them, they can be place around plants and flower beds 4-5 cm thick, avoiding the stem.

Mulch has great benefits, when it breaks down it becomes an excellent soil conditioner.

It also acts as an insulator for plants and vegetables, protects beneficial animals such as worms and acts as a barrier against weeds.

Compost storage.

You can store it in garden bags and place it in a cool, dry place, which will serve to fertilizer in spring and summer. You can add it to the compost heap.

The quality of the brown material can be improved if combined with organic remains of food and grass. With them you can make a powerful organic fertilizer.


Once you collect the dry leaves, pack as many as you can and store them in the cooler areas of the house, so they can act as insulators Natural. This way you can keep certain spaces a little warmer during the winter months.

Help your lawn.

Operate the mower at its highest cutting height and cut over it. This shreds the dry leaves into small pieces and will cause them to decompose on the lawn. In this way, the ground will get moisture and will stay healthy in winter.

Remove leaves from key locations.

Leaves can cause damage due to clogged pipes or drains you should be aware of clean the cannelloni with water before the onset of winter. It is necessary to protect with mesh or nets so that the leaves do not reach places where they can cause harm.

House for hedgehogs.

Animals can find refuge in the garden in winter. Prepare stones, branches and dry leaves then remove them when spring arrives.

Be careful in the garden pond.

Try to remove any dry leaves that fall into the pond. They consume the oxygen in the water and produce gases that are harmful to aquatic organisms. It is recommended to place a tarp to protect it.

Arts and crafts.

Crafts with dry leaves.Crafts with dry leaves. Image: Tatiana Tomsickova Shutterstock

A good material for crafts for adults and children. Use your imagination.

Decorate with dried leaves.

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biodegradable confetti

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I hope you find these tips useful. Do you know of any other uses for dried leaves?

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