What to do with clothes you no longer wear

What to do with clothes you no longer wear

The second most polluting industry on the planet is textiles. The dyes used to color the fabrics represent 20% of the toxins discharged into the water.

If you want to help take care of the planet, Don’t throw away clothes you no longer wear. We’ll tell you what to do with it.

Currently, there is a wider awareness of recycling clothes. It’s not enough, In Europe, 6 million tons of clothes are thrown away every year.. These clothes end up in the city dumps.

On the other hand, clothes you no longer wear and want to throw away can be used to craft new clothes. In this way we avoid that the environment continues to be mistreated. It is important that we become aware and start taking care of the ecosystem.

Every year we spend hundreds of euros on clothes. When we no longer want to use them, we look for the easiest way to get rid of them, which is none other than to throw them away. In any case, we can do it by using the existing means to recycle it.


What to do with clothes you no longer wear?

Today, there are several ways to recycle clothes. These are methods within your reach and very easy to use. Let’s see how you can recycle your clothes.

Drop it in clothing containers.

Used clothes in clothing collection bins on the street

Take the clothes you no longer want to wear to the clothes bins. You will take care of the environment.

In the same way you will help people who need to have clothes in good condition, but who have no resources. In these containers, you must deposit the clothes that are in good condition.

Gift the clothes to your friends and family.

Give the clothes you no longer wear to your friends and family, they surely know someone who needs them.

Make donations.

Box of used clothes ready to donateDonate clothes. Image: Sirastock Shutterstock

There are institutions that collect clothes for the most needy, you can bring your clothes to one of them. Also you can donate the clothes to hospitals or give them to people you know who might need them.

Exchange your clothes for coupons.

Some stores exchange your clothes for coupons. They use these clothes to make new clothes and thus take care of the environment. H&M had a used clothing collection program for coupons.


Currently, there are more countries where garage sales are becoming fashionable. Maybe what’s old to you is new to someone else. If you have a good amount of clothes that you no longer want to wear, selling them can be a great idea..

You can do it online. Organize a garage sale. Or barter, change the garment you don’t like for a second-hand one that you prefer.

Redesign your clothes.

With this idea you take care of the environment and also put all your creativity to work. If you decide to redesign the clothes you no longer wear, you save money and you will have exclusive clothes. You don’t have to invest a lot or do hard work.

By placing lace, cutting sleeves, putting appliqués or stamping a garment, you will give it a new look.

Another life, other uses.

If the clothes are very worn, you can use them as cleaning cloths or cushion padding.

To reuse clothes there are thousands of ideas, just do some research on the internet. In ecoinventos we have explained how to create a house for your cat with a t-shirt, how to transform dad’s shirts into dresses or how to make bags with old t-shirts. Power to the imagination !

with these ideas you help to reduce the toxins generated by the textile industry. You save money and can help someone who needs these clothesthat you no longer want.

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