What is the energy efficiency certificate and why is it so important

Sustainability is one of the pillars of the company, every day we strive to convey initiatives that improve the environment and we like to see the results. The energy efficiency certificate is an increasingly practical concept to keep in mind. So much so that it is currently an essential requirement in the sale of homes.

energy certificate

If you still don’t know him, if you want to know a little more about his features, usefulness or even need to understand how to get itstay with us for a moment as we will go through each of the most frequent doubts.

And that’s it, we find ourselves at a time when the renewable energy boom It allows the purchase and sale of houses, as well as premises, to require an energy efficiency certificate that assesses its current state and always motivates the improvement of its resources.

What is the energy efficiency certificate?

We are talking about an official document, legal proof that proves that our house is listed within certain scales that the State determines itself. The better the result, the greater the consumption efficiency we will achieve.

To be able to do it the participation of an accredited and qualified technician capable of analyzing each of the essential aspects is necessary which requires the certificate. Energy consumption, type of energy, elements that need it and technical aspects of the property itself.

In addition to allowing you know the annual consumptionyou can find out if this amount is excessive, if it can be reduced, or what steps you can take to turn the house into a much more efficient and renewable place.

There is a level for each assessment, so you will find housing classified from A to Gthe latter being a more than necessary reason to take the measures and make the modifications deemed appropriate.

energy certificate

What information does this certificate contain?

The energy efficiency certificate not only analyzes the active and passive elements involved in energy consumption, but also collects a series of data that will be extremely useful to you when you go to sell your property.

  • IDENTIFIER. Information regarding the property, premises or building in question.
  • Process. A process is developed to obtain measurement and verification results.
  • energy characteristics. Data such as occupancy, facilities in it, electricity, natural gas, etc. are included. As well as its thermal envelope.
  • Normative. The regulations on electricity savings that may exist at the time of its construction are also mentioned.
  • Degree of efficiency. Here we will check the technical evaluation and the final result, getting the conclusion through the characters that range from A super efficient to G not recommendable.

as you can imagine, having this current energy certification will allow you to include it in your documentation when announcing the sale of your home. What, without a doubt, tempt many potential buyers.

And if you think about the cost of obtaining this energy certification, know that there is no standard rate, since each certifier sets its own rates. If you want to know a specific amount, call your trusted installer and ask.


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