What is the Axolotl? Curiosities, habitat and what is its price

If you don’t know what an Axolotl is, you might fall in love with one of the friendliest and cutest aquatic animals in the world. A fish, halfway between the salamander, which has an exclusive and unique ability that makes it almost a superhero. So, we tell you all about Axolotls: what is it, curiosities, maintenance and price


What is the Axolotl?

The first is the first,What is the Axolotl? As we mentioned, it is a fish related to the salamanders that can only be found in Mexico and, more specifically, in the Xochimilco Natural ParkThus, everything that affects this natural environment affects a species that is too localized not to be constantly in danger. Of course, at least it’s not included in the list of endangered species.

The problem is that this the natural area is relatively close to Mexico Citya city of nearly 9 million inhabitants, whose level of contamination is beastly and affects the entire environment of Xochimilco.

And if that wasn’t enough, The axolotl is a delicacy in Mexican cuisine, where it is common to be served fried, in sauce and accompanied by rice. It’s too much to ask of a species to be able to be calm in its habitat. This problem is not cute frogs that can kill you if you eat themWell, no one even dares to lick them.

Called the Axolote in Mexico, this graceful fish is determined to go against the nature that was assigned to it. A) Yes, despite his legs to be able to get out of the water, usually stays almost always in the waterwhere he spent most of his life.

Curiosities of the Axolotl

As we have already seen, the Axolotl curiosities They make you a special animal. Now there is one feature that makes it almost unique on the planet. And it is that the axolotl It is the only vertebrate capable of regenerating any part of its body in a complete and healthy way.. We are talking about limbs, tissues and even internal organs or the spinal cord. Something inconceivable.

In a few weeks, the Axolotl can replace an amputated limb or organ and make it functional again and the same as the one who lost. We are talking about complete bones, muscles, ducts and nerves. It makes sense that the scientific community would want to include the Axolotl among 15 animals scientists want to save and why

Obviously, the axolotl has been studied, studied and monitored for decades, but so far science has not been able to replicate its regeneration in humans. If we did, we would face the greatest breakthrough in the history of science and medicine. In fact, researchers have long focused on bringing the Axolotl’s ability to heart, spinal cord, and brain damage.

It is not the only curiosities of the Axolotl because, during this exhaustive investigation, they discovered that the Axolotl has the largest sequenced genome that has been studied so far. To get an idea, 32 billion base pairs of DNA it contains 10 times more than the DNA base pairs found in the human genome.

Axolotl habitat

Axolotl habitat is limited, at least in the wild, to Xochimilco Natural Park. However, if we give them the right conditions, they can have a full life in captivity.

In this case we are talking about pure water, warm temperature and sunlight so that it can live the 15 years of life expectancy that they have. Of course, Axolotls that live in captivity, oddly enough, are usually always white. Meanwhile, those that live in Lake Xochimilco may be black or brown with spots.

Regarding the size, Axolotls do not exceed 15 cm in lengthand the weight the maximum they can reach is 60 grams, which greatly facilitates the work of cleaning the aquarium, if we choose to have one at home. Of course, if we want more than one, don’t be afraid if they devour each other, because They are predators up to this point.

What is the price of an Axolotl

That said, if you have decided to have one of these pretty fish at home, you are interested to know what is the price of axolotl. At present, despite the danger they face as a species, they continue to be traded around the world. Indeed, the price of an Axolotl varies depending on where you buy it.

Photo: @amphitritegram

Thus, if we are going to buy an Axolotl in its place of origin, Mexico, It can vary between 200 and 700 pesos which, in turn, would be between 8 and 28 euros. If we choose to buy it in Spainthe the price varies between 25 and 45 eurosdepending on the store where we buy it.

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