What is corporate reputation and how to measure it

We often deal with topics related to environmentalism, techniques, tips and all kinds of recommendations to use ourselves fully in tasks such as DIY or renewable energies. We even mention sustainable trends that help us coexist and improve the environment. Corn, What about the company’s reputation?

Corporate reputation

Do you know what this is ? Most of the products, elements and innovations we discuss come with a brand that represents them.of an elaborate and worked image so that they can precisely make known their services and/or products.

Now you will understand why it is so important to take care and know the Corporate reputationas well as measuring and perfecting it. If we have a small business or want to start a new project, you are interested.


What is corporate reputation

Also represented by brand reputation, it is known as the result of the union between the image and the identity of a brand. Although it may sound similar, image and reputation are related, but they do not mean the same thing for corporate purposes.

While the image of the company is a purely perceptible aspect in the eyes of third parties, a brand’s positive reputation is the result of maintaining consistency between its actions and the identity it possesses.

Therefore, enjoying a good corporate reputation, in addition to being useful for leadership purposes in the sector, will provide a series of advantages such as a increased sales, greater market competitiveness and recognition by your customers.

In order to use it as a powerful tool and to benefit from it, it is essential to carry out an exercise based on the objective analysis of certain indicators. This will allow us to measure and understand it so that we can use it later.

elements of corporate reputation

How to measure the reputation of a company?

Now that we understand the importance of taking care of this aspect if we want to be competitive in our sectorwe will need to base our strategy on one of the most popular valuation models:

  • RepTrack. This is a quantitative measurement and analysis model that studies twenty-one indicators based on its seven dimensions. Its main tool for extracting information is based on the conduct interviews with any interest groupleadership positions to the general public.
  • THANKS. Known by its acronym, the Corporate Responsibility Business Monitor is the most popular system in corporate environments in Latin America. It employs six processes and uses more than twenty sources of information on different interest groups. It has the distinction of being a transparent and even externally audited processwhich makes it even more reliable.

Both of these great options are part of the select resource group where you can go if you know and want measure the reputation of the company.

However, there are many other options, as well as the well-known reports that are published periodically in the media to publicize the the most reputable companies on the planet. We are talking about WMAC or Global Brands Report.

Although in this case the analyzes carried out on companies are generally external and publicly criticizedsince many of them do not analyze all the factors and indicators considered essential for measure the real reputation of a brand.

importance of corporate reputation

Find out how to improve your reputation

We already have all the information, you know some of the most used counters and you have seen the importance of having a good business reputation. Now well, How can we realize it and develop it in our brand?

As you can already imagine, brand reputation is a concept involving countless factors that go far beyond what is measurable and purely objective. However, the objective that we will pursue will always be to obtain as much information as possible in order to obtain a general impression of the brand what we stand for

In order to focus our mission on improving reputation and, remembering that it is possible to increase as we reach combine the identity of the company and the image it projects abroadwe will have to resort to values that your company wishes to convey.

Indeed, we are talking about social responsibility, degree of commitment you want to bring to the values ​​for which your project was built. To be transparent and honest with the company’s philosophy, close and completely open to always provide better customer service.

What is a company's corporate reputation?

What is the DoGood method

One of the most effective and interesting ways when it comes to proposing to improve the reputation of a company is to apply the DoGood method. A system, a philosophy that precisely represents these values that you should adopt now in your next steps.

Involve, engage and involve all members of the company to join forces and have a direct impact on the activity of your company. This is the premise with which DoGood People has managed to promote a good number of brands like yours.

concepts like corporate sustainability, ESG impact or sustainable values These are terms that become procedures with which you can increase your reputation. Not without effort, but with results that will allow propel your company’s reputation to unimaginable heights. The key lies in obtaining traceability of your brand’s activity and engagement.

You wanted to undertake your project and achieve a recognized and valued brand within your sector? Remember that many of the companies and products we mention in Green Ideas have reached our screen precisely because of their corporate reputation.


Corporate reputation

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