What is a plant-based diet and what are its benefits?

the plant-based diets They have become a trend these days. It is a way to obtain important benefits for our health, while nourishing ourselves in a sustainable way, respecting the environment.

However, it takes some effort, as a drastic change will have to be made in our diet and lifestyle. Fortunately, there is easy vegetarian recipes with which we can enter this world.

If you are interested in doing this type of diet, we encourage you to continue reading so that you know all its characteristics:


What is a vegan diet?

Nail herbal diet It is a type of diet that is fundamentally based on foods of plant origin, as is the case for fruits and vegetablesfrom vegetables (like lentils or chickpeas), Whole grains (such as millet, brown rice, barley…), seeds and dried fruits.

The main difference with a conventional diet is that foods of animal origin are replaced by the types of foods already described. In the same way, there is also a big change with ultra-processed foods: while it is true that these will not be eliminated from the diet, they will be restricted to the maximum.

People who decide to follow a herbal diet They must have the correct training and professional orientation. The goal is to avoid deficiencies that could cause significant health problems by restricting certain foods.

It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the type of food chosen and to always have the right information to avoid problems.

What are the benefits of a plant-based diet?

Benefits can be measured in two pillars: health and environment. Although people who convert to veganism have different justifications for doing so, the reality is that the benefits are manifold.

Health Benefits

1. Reduces toxicity in the body

Foods such as dairy products, meat, eggs or fish contain hormones, antibiotics, steroids and other elements harmful to our health. These elements were brought during breeding.

It is possible to find ecological options that minimize the use of said toxic elements; Unfortunately, they will continue to contain heavy metals like polychlorinated biphenyls or mercury. These items are also toxic And they will end up harming our health.

One way to reduce toxicity in the body is to eat only organic foods and minimize those of animal origin.

2. Reduce bad cholesterol and control inflammation

Switch to a herbal diet It can also benefit us when it comes to avoiding certain diseases. For example, those that are chronic, such as those that affect the heart, diabetes or cancer.

This may be because red meat contains saturated fats this, along with other factors, can contribute to higher cholesterol levels. On the other hand, several recent surveys have shown how dairy They can be inflammatory for our body.

  1. Better intestinal transit

Also, by choosing vegetable proteins rather than animal proteins, we increase fiber intake, promoting intestinal transit. This can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from constipation.

4. Less oxidation

Plants and fruits provide us with antioxidants (such as vitamin C, E or selenium).

Among other functions, antioxidants have the role of fighting free radicals that cause oxidation in our body. This oxidation increases the possibility of suffering from more diseases by causing faster cellular aging.

Of course, there are no absolute truths and everything is relative. It is also possible to fall into an unhealthy vegan diet, if for example one opts for a majority of processed products, refined flours, and excess sugar. By which, it all depends on how we manage our diet.

Environmental benefits

Excessive consumption of animal products is one of the main problems of Deforestation in the world. As soon as we know the data, we discover that they are chilling: and that is that 3 out of 10 lands in the world are used for cattle breeding.

It should also be kept in mind that one of the main precursors to the greenhouse effect is animal husbandry. The same gases are linked to increased global warming.

On the other hand, plant-based foods do not require as much energy, water, and space to grow as animals.

By switching to a plant-based diet, we are helping to leave a better planet for our children.

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