What are the best cereal bars

Cereal bars appeared a few decades ago as a healthy option to consume between meals, as the ideal snack when we are away from home, as they are easy to transport and provide a good dose of energy.

This format has also appealed to little ones and happy parents for being a healthy candy.

Like many natural recipes prepared by those of us interested in healthy eating, cereal bars have been taken over by the food industry and today, a cereal bar that is not prepared by homemade is far from healthy food.

Commercial bars promise mouth-watering flavors of chocolate, coconut, fruit flavors, even yogurt, but they’re loaded with artificial colors and flavors.

In general, they contain a high percentage of carbohydrates and, to a greater or lesser extent, fiber. Within carbohydrates, their quantity is sometimes reduced with the addition of artificial sweeteners.

The type of fats they contain, which are not always present in a high percentage, are not saturated fats (of animal origin). But yes hydrogenated oils (fatty acids or “trans”), which also promote the formation of cholesterol in the body.

For this reason, the best thing is to take the time to choose the healthiest ingredients and to our taste and prepare them at home. It will not take us more than half an hour, and we will also save a lot of money.

Another no less important issue is the waste generated by the containers that contain them, which are often difficult to recycle.


Complete Cereal Bar Recipe

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3 cups of regular rolled oats1 cup of almonds and walnuts4 tablespoons of sesame, chia and flax seeds3/4 cup of cornflakes without sugar1 cup of roasted peanuts without salt (140grs)1 egg1/2 cup of honey1 cup raisins


If you want to save a few steps, you can buy the granola prepared according to your taste and you only have to add the egg, the honey and the peanut paste (which you can also buy already made)

As an alternative, you can use sunflower, pumpkin or amaranth seeds. Among the cereals, we also add quinoa pop (puffed) or puffed rice that you find and like. A special touch and something more caloric is to add grated chocolate on top or pieces inside. Combined with coconut, the bars will be delicious. Honey can be replaced with stevia or mascabo sugar in the proportion you want to give it the desired sweetness.

These bars keep very well for about 3 days. For a longer duration, they can be refrigerated, and even frozen for a few months.

There’s nothing quite like the taste of homemade, and without a doubt, it will always be the healthiest, no matter how much they want to sell us otherwise.


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