What are and what are the advantages of insulating blinds

When we buy a new house or renovate the current one, the small details are the most important. Insulating blinds, as well as windows and glass are one of the main points of attention. And do you know why? Because more and more of us are seeking the comforts of home without outside interference.

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Today, as you can imagine, we go to the warmth of the house, to this room in which one perceives neither the hustle and bustle of the street nor the noise. Not to mention the outside temperatures, since we have one of the best insulating elements between.

We go through the different types of materials used, its qualities and some other durable recommendations to convince you completely. Although we have this job really easy if we turn to the models of windowsanerual.es, our source of inspiration in this publication.


What is an insulating blind?

Unlike any other option, insulating blinds were made for an additional purpose; improve your well-being. They prevent heat, cold and/or noise from outside from entering and negatively interfering in the house.

Their insulating quality It allows temperatures to stabilize in the winter, trapping heat and preventing it from escaping. In summer, the same happens upside down and, in terms of acoustics, they also have properties that only appeal to us at the thought of installing them in our home.

The material has a lot to do with insulating blinds, the better its quality and properties, the better. Betting on low-budget models and materials of dubious origin will only increase the cost of your reform hardly noticing the difference once you get home. The most common materials are:

  • PVC blinds. There is no doubt that we are talking about the most common element of blinds today. They are cheap and allow to shape them according to our interests. Some of them are filled with polyurethane. However, its resistance to the passage of time is not its forte.
  • Aluminum shutters. In this case, aluminum is indeed one of the strongest and most durable materials in the insulating blind sector. They have their insulating slats filled with foam, so they become an excellent option for insulating both noise and weather.
  • wooden shutters. Although there are some truly amazing and innovative designs out there, wood isn’t the best option today. Its high maintenance requires high commitment and attention. Even so, it is one of the most common materials.

There are countless models and variations, all cataloged as insulating blinds. And it is that, really, the quality and the advantages that they provide at the level of insulation are in the material, not in the design. Although also check that there are no openings or leaks in the drawer and other corners.

Advantages of insulating blinds

Energy savings in an insulating blind

You probably didn’t know it, but we are here to provide you with the data that we love to share so much. A flap in poor condition could prevent heat or cold from being retained inside, causing a increase in energy consumption by more than 30% per month.

And we already know what the current price of energy is, we understand the the importance of saving and making our home and our way of life a much more energy-efficient model. A mediocre window and shutter will cost you almost double when you want to warm up in the winter.

Occasionally, a small investment can make the difference between a big expense and an opportunity. Insulating blinds are that essential item that many now enjoy at home without worrying about the weather, let alone the electricity bill.


benefits of insulated blinds

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