We started a journey with green energy: all about the MAC expedition

AwareNations is preparing for its next adventure with a super ambitious project: a trip with green energy carrying the message of respect for the environment.

Green hydrogen is the cleanest and most abundant energy we have today. This is why we are betting on promoting this fuel in our next challenge: The MAC Expedition

We have been linked to this green energy since 2007 and it was in 2016 that Fabricio Brebión traveled 23,000 kilometers through the Argentine Republic on a motorcycle that ran on hydrogen. Today we invite you to participate in his next adventure. This time, the project is much more ambitious. In 2022, Fabricio Brebión will begin a journey that will last five years and will tour the Three Americas.

The MAC expedition (Mobile Awareness Center – Mobile Awareness Center), begins in this year 2022 and will be developed on a motorhome equipped with devices and tools to make known the different ways of structuring homes and self-sufficiency practices , thus generating a positive impact in the fight against climate change. The MAC will depart from Los Angeles, California, and cross the United States from west to east to New York, then end its route in Argentine Patagonia.

In addition to being 100% sustainable, green hydrogen will diversify market players, routes and supplies, and transfer power from the hands of the few to the many.

To help us make this trip possible or for more information, contact us at [email protected]

The Web: https://awarenations.com/




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