We need to heat and cool our homes without heating the planet

It is urgent to implement strategies from the energy sector to avoid heating the planet. The rapid and orderly transformation of the heating sector would reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

450 million people in Europe are increasingly feeling the severe effects of the fossil energy sources we use to heat our buildings. The uncontrolled increase in the price of energy is pushing citizens towards energy poverty, while harmful gases continue to be expelled into our atmosphere.

Urgent and socially just solutions are needed to solve these problems, avoiding falling into false solutions. If we continue to bet on solutions based on fossil fuels, we will continue in an unsustainable system with ever greater consequences for our wallet, our health and our safety.


Strategies to avoid heating the planet

A combination of deep renovations in buildings with the installation of rooftop solar panels and heat pumps can enable citizens and communities to be actors in the just transition process by producing their own energy.

Combining this with efforts to increase energy savings, we will not only see a reduction in bills, but also in energy poverty. It will also improve air quality while abandoning our reliance on fossil fuels that fuel wars and climate crises.

We need to redirect investments away from fossil fuels, gas boilers and fake solutions to decarbonize our system like hydrogen. EU Member States should allocate funds to provide incentives, grants and support programs to accelerate the renovation of buildings across the EU by integrating ready-to-use renewable heating solutions. employment.

Dependence on fossil fuels will lead to energy poverty

To prevent the less well-off families from finding themselves trapped in fossil fuels, the price of which will only increase, households in a situation of fuel poverty must be the subject of special attention, in the same way as the buildings less efficient, in which they must A un- a step-by-step approach to deep renovation should be adopted wherever possible.

Moreover, in addition to individual solutions to avoid heating up the planet, there are renewable heating and cooling solutions beyond the walls and roofs of our buildings. District heating and cooling networks based exclusively on renewable energies will be an essential component of the energy transition.

The transformation of heating systems to 100% renewable energy can be made possible by using available European funds and national financial support mechanisms. To achieve real support for families, Member States must accelerate the planning and implementation of local and regional heating and cooling plans, ensuring financial and advisory support for municipalities and citizens to decarbonise their heating systems. .

At the same time, ensure that the transition to heating and cooling solutions includes all members of society, including social housing projects, civil society organizations, energy communities and utility companies. renewable energy. . All are working together to end consumer reliance on fossil fuels for heating in a fair and equitable way.


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