WaveRoller converts waves into constant renewable energy thanks to the waves of the sea

The WaveRoller system It consists of a plate anchored to the seabed which oscillates back and forth through a hinge thanks to the movement of the waves.

The kinetic energy produced is collected by a piston pump and converted into electricity by a generator attached to the device or by a closed hydraulic system in combination with a generator/turbine system. It is a modular system, its capacity can be gradually increased.


WaveRoller is installed in an area close to the coast at a depth of 8 to 20 m, where the optimal point of the wave is captured, while avoiding the most violent storms. Because the largest waves break naturally before entering littoral zones, WaveRoller® devices repel damaging waves that could damage offshore installations.

The best wave resources are concentrated on the coastswhere the majority of the population lives and where the demand for renewable energy is greatest.


How it works.

The technology is a submerged oscillating wave converter that produces constant renewable energy from ocean waves.

The unit consists of three main subsystems: the panel, the PTO and the base.

As the panel moves through the sea, it absorbs wave energy. The panel is connected to a mechanical transmission which causes the pumping of hydraulic fluids in a closed hydraulic circuit.

All elements of the hydraulic circuit are enclosed in a hermetic structure inside the device and are not exposed to the marine environment. High-pressure fluids are fed into an energy storage and smoothing system, which is connected to a hydraulic motor that drives an electricity generator.

The electricity production of this renewable wave power plant is connected to the electricity grid via an undersea cable and an onshore substation.



  • A single WaveRoller unit (a panel and PTO combination) is rated between 350 kW and 1000 kW
  • WaveRoller can contribute to network stability thanks to its fast frequency response (2s-10s).
  • The life cycle carbon intensity of the WaveRoller is 33 gCO2/kWh (about 30% less than solar PV).
  • The carbon intensity of power generation can be up to 85% lower than current levels.

More information: aw-energy.com

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