Wattometer, the first comparator for Km. 0 solar panel installers

At the end of last year, “Vatiometro” confirmed its entry into the Spanish market, the first comparator of solar panel installation companies that aims to provide the consumer with all the information necessary to choose the company or installer which suits him best according to his needs. roof, consumption and other aspects that must be analyzed in each case.


What is the Wattmeter?

Vatiometro is the first price comparison of solar panel installation companies at km 0. Unlike other web portals where you can check basic details like the telephone number or the address of the installation companies, Vatiometro lets you allows you to directly calculate an installation and see the price in real time with the different installation companies in your region.

The technology behind Wattometer allows the user to see in detail their potential savings, payback time, profitability and final installation price in just two clicks. According to Aleix Pellicer, its CEO, Vatiometro uses data from the European reference portal PVGIS to carry out the sizing calculations for the photovoltaic installations, which guarantees that the calculations carried out for the initial pre-study are carried out with all the standards in the sector.

In addition, thanks to the large number of interested consumers who use the portal, they are able to negotiate discounts for their users directly with the installation companies, reaching in some cases up to 5%.

What challenge do they face?

Según Aleix Pellicer, currently exists a great demand for presupuestos, empujada, por una parte, por el altísimo precio de la electricidad y por otra por las subsidies europeas que hacen que el retorno de inversión de una photovoltaic installation se haya reduced a menos de half: “We are currently in a time where installation companies are not enough to make budgets for customers. They all have a very high workload, especially having a bottleneck in establishing budgets for consumers interested in installing solar panels for self-consumption, which is why Vatiometro plays a very important role when it is a question of guiding consumers, by carrying out pre-studies providing solutions both to those who are simply curious and those who are really interested in the installation of solar panels, and also to connect the installation companies with these“.

According to Aleix, Vatiometro is growing at a very high rate, increasing users interested in installing solar panels by 12 times in just a few months, from 156 in September to more than 2,000 in October”Thanks to the work carried out in recent years, we have arrived at the right time with sufficient technological capacity to satisfy the great demand for information that exists in terms of calculating installations and comparing prices.“. And it is that, from what he tells us, one of the main reasons for his success is that due to the cost of a self-consumption installation, which causes consumers to ask on average up to 4 budgets before finally staying with one.

For now?

You might think it’s a bit opportunistic to launch Vatiometro in the midst of rising electricity prices and municipal and European aid, but the Vatiometro team has been working since 2019 on the internal engine that allows the calculations and different tools that make up the comparator. It was only at the end of last year that they were able to finalize all the details for the launch, provided by Vatiometro, to be a success.

Future plans.

Aleix Pellicer also reveals some of Vatiometro’s future projects: “For the time being, we are concentrating on consolidating ourselves as a benchmark comparator in the installation company market, although we also have the electricity tariff comparator, which once the market stabilizes a bit will be also very useful for the user. In addition, we have specialized tools for installation companies that, thanks to our technology, can streamline many of their processes.“.

With all of this, we encourage you all to try the comparator and, in addition to checking out the potential savings your roof can bring you, get to know the installation companies in your area.

More information: wattmeter.com

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