Water companies advise Britons to stop showering to save water and energy

UK water companies are advising customers to save water and energy by using wet wipes or spray bottles instead of showering during this summer’s heatwave and drought.

Customers say the advice given by water companies is “ridiculous” because find a method such as a four-minute song for taking a shower or collecting cold water from the shower until it warms up, reports the Mail on Sunday. Other tips include using oak barrels to collect rainwater.

The UK’s water supply is limited due to recent heat waves and lack of rain, and some utilities have already banned hose-hose irrigation in some areas to save water resources.

Cat Hobbs, a We Own It campaigner who is calling for water companies to go public, told the Mail on Sunday: “Do companies compete with each other to offer the dumbest advice? Who has an oak barrel, even if there was a chance of rain to fill it? The hypocrisy of the water companies is unbelievable“.

Customers and campaigners accuse water companies of paying their bosses and shareholders millions of pounds while giving people ‘dumb’ advice to save resources.

Meanwhile, UK customers are paying more and more on their energy bills, and those bills are expected to continue to rise at the end of the year.

UK electricity bills are set to climb higher than expected this winter as many households struggle to pay them after Russia further cut gas supplies to Europe, sending gas prices skyrocketing and energy for this winter and for next year, according to British consultancy BFY Group at the end of last month.

With typical usage patterns, this means bills for January alone will be over £500 [602 dólares]. Most households will need more help to avoid falling into energy povertysaid Gemma Berwick, principal consultant at BFY Group.

Huge swathes of the UK population will not be able to pay their bills this winter. The average family with both working parents will be in fuel povertyBerwick said, according to The Telegraph.

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