Volkswagen suspends orders for all plug-in hybrid models in Germany

In Germany, Volkswagen has decided to no longer take orders for all of its plug-in hybrid models.

The decision, according to several German media from a notice to distributors, is linked to several factors:Due to the growing number of orders worldwide, the persistent shortage of semiconductors and, in particular, the current dire situation in Ukraine, a temporary freeze in reserves is inevitable.“.


The delivery time is already too long.

Wolfsburg added that the decision aims to prevent delivery times from getting longer, to more than eight or even ten months.

Thus, in its letter to dealers, Volkswagen explains that it cannot guarantee the delivery of vehicles already ordered by the end of the year.

The German brand is not the only one in the group to have chosen to freeze reserves of plug-in hybrid models because deliveries have been hampered by supply shortages and the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine.

Audi last week informed its dealers that it had exhausted production planned for the whole of 2022, partly due to the stock boom in Germany caused by uncertainty over the renewal of scrapping bonuses. , for which it had chosen not to accept any more orders.

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