Vocabularies in English related to healthy living

Consumption habits have turned towards increasingly healthy and sustainable solutions. Over time, the origin of foods has become a more pressing concern and their preparation and production processes have also become important factors in purchasing decisions.

This phenomenon has given rise to the appearance of new terms and expressions. Do you know the most common expressions and words in the field of healthy eating? Next we review some of them, although to know them all it is best to resort to online English courses. Take note!

Vocabularies in English related to healthy living 1


eat clean

This expression is used to refer to a healthy diet that excludes the presence of processed foods, that is, those that contain a high presence of artificial chemicals such as sweeteners, flavors or preservatives and that also have a low nutritional value.

A diet eat clean It is made from foods that are organically sourced and also have a lower caloric load. In addition, this also includes intake of large amounts of water. Moreover, it is also used to designate eating habits based on the consumption of raw foods and of mainly plant origin (fruits and vegetables).

Go on a diet

Have you seen this expression in any of your online courses? In fact, it is one of the most used. It is used when a person introduces a new diet consisting of healthy foods into their routine. These types of diets are usually extended for limited periods of time and are usually fairly controlled.

Juicing, cleaning, juicing

These terms are synonymous and refer to diets composed almost exclusively of liquids. Juice translates to juice or juice made from plant-based ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. These types of diets have a very measured planning to ensure the intake of a healthy amount of nutrients and adapted to the body’s needs.

Cut the carbs

The consumption of simple carbohydrates located in components such as sweeteners, soft drinks or sweets, our body performs a rapid breakdown of glucose and, as a result, blood sugar levels increase. In the long term, especially if the consumption of carbohydrates is not accompanied by protein, fiber or fat, this can have an adverse effect on health.

The expression cut carbs refers to the need to reduce carbohydrate (carbs) intake which is usually associated with the reduction of starchy foods.

Follow a meal plan

Meal plans have some similarities to diets, although diets tend to be more rigorous. They are generally designed ad hoc for each person by professionals specialized in the field of nutrition such as nutrition coaches. Follow a meal plan means following the guidelines previously prepared by a professional in the sector.

vegetarian and vegan

The two terms are related although they have substantial differences. While vegetarians don’t eat any kind of meat, vegans go even further. They also do not consume any type of product made directly or indirectly from animals (whether or not it contains meat). Unlike a vegetarian, not only does a vegan not consume meat. You also do not consume other animal-derived products such as eggs, honey, cheese or milk. Foods that carry the “vegan” label do not contain any ingredients or elements of animal origin.


Although pescatarians do not eat any type of meat, they do eat shellfish.

gluten free

Some people are intolerant to gluten, a protein found in certain types of grains such as wheat. When a food product has the distinctive character gluten free means that its composition does not contain wheat. Moreover, beyond the allergies or intolerances linked to this component, the consumption of gluten-free products has become widespread as a healthy habit.


A healthy diet also excludes the consumption of genetically modified (GMO) foods, that is, those that have been wholly or partially prepared in the laboratory. In addition, the rejection of this type of food also responds to ecological reasons. When a food product bears the “GMO Free” label, it means that it does not contain genetically modified ingredients or elements.

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