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the venetian blinds They are a type of interior blinds made of wooden, plastic or aluminum slats that are a good alternative to traditional blinds or curtains. The slats can be more or less thick and flexible or not, while the drive system to regulate the passage of light is generally a simple rod.

venetian blinds

Despite its name, Venetian blinds in aluminum and wood they were not invented in Venice. They are a type of blinds and as their name suggests, they come from Venice or, in any case, from the Orient. What happens is that the trade routes from Persia went through Venice, and that’s why the name stuck. But the origin of this system of slats and cord or rods to regulate the light is ancient, in Ancient Egypt they already had similar protections for their windows.


Should I install a Venetian blind?

These blinds are very easy to install, you can do it even without experience if you know how to handle a drill and take the measurements correctly. But let’s see if, depending on the lighting and the effect you want to achieve in your home, they are the right solution for your home.

Venetian blinds are perfect for dim the lightbecause they allow many intermediate positions on their slats and you can have total privacy when you close them completely. I am very easy to clean (a cloth soaked in water or water and a little soap is enough), do not accumulate mites they can therefore be used in homes where there are allergies to dust and, depending on the material, they are not affected by humidity.

On the other hand, you may not like them if you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home, we associate these shades too much with offices. Although later we will see that there are beautiful wooden venetian blinds appropriate in these cases. But generally these blinds are colder and do not insulate the house too much from the most extreme temperatures. In houses where it is cold, it is more advisable to use textiles for windows.

venetian blinds

Types of Venetian blinds

Do you think the Venetian blind it’s for you? So we are going to tell you about two of the types of venetian blinds what’s new. Choose the ones that suit you according to the weather and the decoration of your space, both are suitable for both home and workplaces like offices or offices!

aluminum venetian blinds

the aluminum venetian blinds they are made of a lighter material, and allow you an infinity color options and slats of different thicknesses. Thus, you can give a playful and modern touch to a room, or more neutral to an office.

They are the ones who have a greener manufacturing, since aluminum is one of the most present materials on the surface of the earth and requires practically no treatment, it therefore does not pollute either.

And, if you want blinds that last, they’re a fantastic option because aluminum has a Long life expectancy and it is not affected by climatic factors or humidity. If for some reason the drive system fails, it is easy to replace, you don’t have to change the whole blind. And, as you know, aluminum is easy to clean: just dust it off if necessary or wipe it down with a damp cloth.

They require minimal storage space, so they are perfect for small places. In this case, we recommend that you choose them in light colors.

So, if you like these blinds, don’t hesitate and discover the slat width and color options.

aluminum venetian blind

wooden venetian blinds

These are your blinds if you want the benefits of privacy and light control Venetians, but you prefer a more rustic or classic decoration. They give a premium feel and, like other types of blinds, you can turn their slats 90º (“open”) to have them fully closed, thus achieving maximum privacy and darkness.

A) Yes, they are perfect for the living room or bedrooms, but not for the kitchen or bathroom. The reason for this is that, although they have a special wood protector, it is always better to protect them from excessive humidity and heat.

They are also very ecological. Keep in mind that usually they are made 100% in wood, to make them it is not necessary to pollute and the wood comes from forests that are not at risk. Wood is good thermal insulation, so you can keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with these blinds, for better energy efficiency. are equally sustainable, As long as you give them the right treatment.

This, yes, wooden Venetian blinds They are usually darker in color, so they are not recommended for small rooms.

As you can see there is venetian blinds for all tastes and uses. The key is to choose the right ones, so keep our tips handy!


Venetian blind

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