vegan sunflower seed mayonnaise

Consider consuming a vegan mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is a bandage that has taken hold all over the world and out of habit it is difficult to give up despite the fact that it is not healthy at all.

To avoid commercial mayonnaise, which contains 19 ingredients in total, including starch, sugar and 11 of them are different additives, one could opt for its homemade version, using only 4: good quality oil, eggs, salt and lemon.

But today we share with you a vegan mayonnaise option, very nutritious and original to always have on hand at snack time.


– Activated sunflower seeds– Lemon– Mustard seeds– Spirit vinegar– Ginger– Turmeric– Curry– Dehydrated tomato and basil– Garlic– Black pepper– Sea salt– Water (a little)


Place the sunflower seeds to soak for 8 hours and strain.

Mix all the ingredients until you get the desired creamy consistency of this vegan mayonnaise.

The quantities of condiments are to taste, they can even be replaced by others, but this version, close to mustard, will surely delight you.

In the refrigerator, it will keep for about 4 days.


How to consume this vegan mayonnaise

You can use mayonnaise like any other: in sandwiches, breads or bruschetta, to accompany snacks, in potato or multi-vegetable salads, with pasta and legumes, with hamburgers. The uses are many and we make them to enrich our dishes with flavor, texture and moisture.

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