Used batteries from electric vehicles will be used to store electricity for homes and businesses

Recycled battery systems include a software platform to track energy consumption in real time.

The challenge of recycling electric vehicle batteries is becoming increasingly evident. Millions of batteries are approaching the end of their useful life, leaving innovators scrambling to find ways to keep them from ending up in landfills, where most currently end up.

One of the solutions to this waste comes from the Norwegian company RePack. This company transforms used batteries from electric vehicles into energy storage solutions for individuals and businesses.

Through a proprietary combination of hardware and software, RePack offers its customers cloud management of a custom energy storage system.

Each battery system is manufactured and delivered within three to four months. The number of old used electric vehicle batteries in each storage system depends on the needs of the user.

Currently, RePack’s home systems are available in 12 or 36 kilowatt-hour versions, with a “Home Pro” version designed for high-drain locations such as farms, hostels or small businesses.

The RePack C&I system (commercial and industrial) is rated from 36 kilowatt hours to 1 megawatt hour and can be expanded as needed.

The company, which is currently developing its manufacturing process, plans to sell “plug and play” units to customers in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland by the end of 2022.

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