Turn an old ambulance into a self-driving motorhome

This is an impressive transformation from an ambulance to a motorhome, built by Amanda and her father in 7 months.

The vehicle is a 2006 Ford E-350 Coupe which was an emergency response vehicle for the United States Navy. Amanda bought it for 10,000 Canadian dollars and the conversion cost another 10,000 dollars.


He built it with his father in 7 months.

Amanda wanted a house on wheels so she could travel and learn artisanal baking techniques from bakers in Canada and the United States.

When the pandemic shutdowns hit, she went ahead and moved into the van, adapted her plans to do voice-over work from the van, and also volunteered for a locally published magazine.

At the bottom, he has a fixed bed and a bench with a removable table that he uses to work. Under the bed you have plenty of space to store your recording equipment, yoga equipment and musical instruments.

He has solar panels on the roof and can be hooked up to the power grid when the sun is not shining to ensure he has enough electricity to run and run his fridge. Its fridge is hidden under the bed, and serves as a bench for guests.

The full kitchen is nicely decorated and fully equipped with a propane stove and oven (for your on-the-go cooking adventures). He kept it simple and opted for gravity fed water through his Berkey water filter instead of installing tap water.

At the end of the kitchen counter, Amanda has a Cubic Mini wood stove which is her main source of heat. Use logs made from compressed wood chips so you don’t have to cut the wood into small pieces.

And finally, just next to the side door is your closet for your clothes and a nook for your Nature’s Head toilet inside. To shower, you have a portable solar shower.

Check out the full tour below and be sure to follow Amanda on Instagram for more of her van adventures.


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