TurboGen develops hybrid microturbines for self-generation of electricity and heat in microgrids

The turbine, which could soon run on 100% hydrogen, was developed in Israel as a leader in hydrogen energy innovation.

TurboGen, a company specializing in the development of hybrid microturbines for the self-production of electricity and heat in microgrids, buildings and structures, is working so that the systems it develops can use hydrogen to produce energy .

In line with the global trend of transitioning to clean energy and starting large-scale projects for hydrogen production, the company will work to develop a microturbine that runs on 100% hydrogen.

As businesses and governments look for new and innovative ways to switch to renewable energy sources, many companies like TurboGen have turned to hydrogen as a vehicle towards a cleaner future.

The natural element can combine with oxygen in specific configurations to generate electricity, similar to the structure of modern batteries.

However, unlike standard batteries, hydrogen fuel cells generally do not contain harmful corrosive chemicals and their energy production is remarkably clean and renewable, producing little or no carbon emissions.

TurboGen believes that its unique microturbine architecture will allow it, with minor modifications, to operate the combustor with mixtures up to 50% hydrogen, and then develop a dedicated 100% hydrogen combustion cell.

This is an important event for the company which demonstrates considerable commercial potential. TurboGen’s objective is to develop and sell an ecological and non-polluting solution based on hydrogen.

We already have indications that the turbine we have developed is suitable for operation with up to 50% hydrogen in combination with natural gas. The next objective awaiting us is to complete the development of a combustion cell suitable for the combustion of 100% hydrogen.

Aron Gilboa, CEO of TurboGen.

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