Try growing tomatoes on a pergola. It does not fail!

Growing tomatoes under pergola is a method that can give good productivity and quality of this nightshade.

Tomato is a very popular food all over the world and has many health benefits, it contains many minerals and vitamins that help in the proper functioning of the body.

Tomatoes, in particular, are an excellent source of vitamins A and C which help prevent night blindness and improve eyesight. They also contain beta-carotene which helps to take on a beautiful color with the tan.


Other benefits of tomatoes:

Cancer prevention.Skin lightening.Reduce blood sugar.Promote good sleep.Keep bones strong.Cure chronic diseases.Good hair.

How to grow tomatoes

Growing tomatoes on a pergola at home is very simple, from germination to harvest.

To start the cultivation, it is possible to germinate some seeds in a bit of moistened paper which will provide water in the first stage of germination, then it will degrade.

The subscriber is also essential. A homemade compost substrate made from garden and kitchen scraps can work very well.

It is ideal for building a raised bed with quality soil and more compost.

Remember to use covers to prevent moisture loss, weed growth and temperature extremes which can affect the roots.

tomatoes on pergola

The key point of this system is to include black plastic pots, the conventional pots for cultivation, in which more holes will be made. They will be placed buried among the tomatoes and the kitchen scraps will be deposited there and they will work with a fertilizer on the spot.

In addition, a structure with reeds will be built, such as a pergola, which can support and accompany the growth of tomatoes. This will facilitate aeration, even fruit ripening and harvesting.

Then it will remain to accompany the culture with tutors of the new branches, small prunings and the hilling of the earth near the stems to further stimulate the development of the roots.

Delicious fresh tomatoes can be harvested after only 2.5-3 months.

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