Tribute from the National Ecological Action Network to Miguel Grinberg

From RENACE we want to pay tribute to Miguel Grinberg, a week after his physical departure. One of the founders of our network and, without a doubt, one of the main pioneers of the Argentinian, Latin American and global environmental movement.

In the sincere words that we have been able to read these days in the media, friends, followers and readers of Miguel; We were able to take in the dimension of his immense contributions over more than six decades as a poet, journalist, writer, translator, radio broadcaster, national rock pioneer, cultural multiplier, philosopher, spiritual teacher and environmental activist. We claim this multifacetedness of Miguel because it is from this holistic perspective that he traveled the path of his life.

We want to pay tribute to him for his legacy to the environmental movement, of which he has been a source of inspiration, a promoter and an active element since the distant 1960s.

Because from his contact with the Beat generation at the end of the 1950s, he already knew how to see what many years later would be considered inevitable: human society was heading towards an insurmountable abyss of not radically rethinking its course. In Contemporary Eco in 1965 he told us “We choose not to be murderers. We choose not to add more uselessness to this mess. We are far from the possibility of forming a new society, let’s avoid more aberrations… The future is today. Let’s get rid of fear, don’t stop for fear of falling, keep going. Believe and create, even if the world explodes. It’s not optimism, it’s love”.

And in the first Mutantia of June 1980, with the evocative title “To kill or not to kill” launches a new journalistic stage with the cover with images of Apocalypse Now and the back of the cover saying “The money needed to provide adequate food, water, education, health care and housing for the whole world has been estimated at $17 billion per year, which is a huge sum of money. Money… Almost as much as the world spends on weapons every two weeks.”. The reverse side of the back cover said “Can nuclear power give whiter teeth??”. After the image of a skull, the answer: “bet your life yes”.

More than 40 years after this wonderful initiative that has transformed the lives of many of us, we can only confirm that these words are perfectly valid for March 2022; with one more war going on and the worn-out promise of nuclear power as ‘clean energy’.

In these 40 years, Miguel has never stopped and has continued to illuminate paths and generate proposals: The Culture of the Future, the Multiversity of Buenos Aires and from there, the first National Network of Environmental Emergencies which quickly became the National Ecological Action Network which continues today. .walk, support the socio-environmental struggles in the territories predicted by Miguel and Mutantia.

And to answer the question he always asked us, “What do you want to put in place of what you reject?“, Miguel has accompanied and promoted dozens of initiatives related to community building, organic production in schools, the promotion of appropriate technologies and of course personal growth, meditation and spiritual research which, for him, have always been linked to social transformation.

Miguel has also been an active activist for planetary citizenship and there are countless initiatives that he has generated and accompanied to achieve this. Before Eco 92, his contributions to the construction of an Ecological Action Pact for Latin America, to the construction of the Ya Wananachi Agenda and, already at the Earth Summit, to the drafting of the “Alternative Treaties” laid the foundations for real responses to the socio-environmental crises that have since worsened.

The organizations that make up RENACE today are committed to continuing to honor his legacy and the values ​​he left us, bringing it to life in each of our daily actions and as a collective in our territorial struggles.


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