Tourism in Monterrey: know, visit and explore its best tourist areas

Monterrey, located in the northeast of the Mexican country, in the state of Nuevo León, is one of the best known and most visited cities in the country, its great industrialization makes it the second business center in the country, only after Mexico City.

Its quality of life in all the cities of the Mexican territory is almost indisputable, in fact, according to a study carried out by Mercer Human Resource Consulting in 2019, it is the city with the best quality of life in the whole country, which means that it is a city in which Mexicans want to live and invest, which is why tourism in Monterrey is also very strong and is one of its main attractions.

Being a commercial and industrial city, its main source of tourism comes from business and work trips and, owing to its constant progress, it somewhat eclipses its natural beauties and historical points. However, these also have a lot of appeal within the city and make it even more multifaceted and interesting.

One of the most important cities is San Pedro Garza García, being one of the main metropolises of the country, which has the richest area in Mexico and Latin America.

Monterrey’s economy is known for being the cradle of Mexico’s most important national and international companies, some of which are: Cemex, Oxxo, FEMSA, Vitro, Grupo Alfa, Gruma, Gamesa, Banorte.

Here you can find a wide range of homes with prices ranging from $1,400,000 to $34,000,000 and the real estate agenda is growing more and more, companies like Investo, Tu Hogar México or La Haus are in charge of helping people who want to invest in Monterrey or are looking for accommodation.

At last, visiting, exploring and living in Monterrey has countless advantages, as it is one of the most industrialized and populated cities in Latin America. It also has beautiful destinations, such as the Star Biopark, a safari in Mexico, which is almost a piece of Africa inhabited by more than 800 animals of 50 different species, or the Horsetail Waterfall, one of the most impressive in across the country.


When to visit Monterrey and where to go?

If you like that the tourist places you are going to visit are not very crowded, then the best time to visit is January and September, these months have the lowest number of visitors. The months with the highest influx are November and December, followed by August to October, and the rest of the months are considered low season.

There are many places to visit in Monterrey, the most popular are:

  • The Alfa Planetarium: it is one of the most important museums in Mexico, more than a museum it is a cultural complex in which there is an astronomical observatory, an IMAX format projection dome and an open-air aviary .
  • Foundry Park: If you are a history buff, or have young children, this park is for you, located in the Obrera region, this park offers dozens of leisure activities and all kinds of people can enjoy its facilities.
  • Paseo Santa Lucía: a must in the city of Monterrey, considered one of the 15 wonders of Mexico, it is classified as a national treasure because of its spectacular landscapes, its 24 illuminated fountains, its bridges, its green spaces and its murals of great artists of this ride something unforgettable.
  • Matacanes: this is the place where you will release all the adrenaline you have inside, here are some canyons, they are located in the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, it is important to take into account that the minimum age to visit this park is 12 years, for those traveling with children.
  • Chipinque: One of the most important natural attractions in all of Monterrey and Mexico, here you can go biking, mountaineering and bird watching, without a doubt, one of the places you should visit, especially if natural destinations are what you enjoy the most.

Tourists in Monterey

Tourism in Monterrey is quite ecological, cultural and family-oriented, so the main tourists are families who visit the city in search of cultural places, places to walk and enjoy the landscapes offered by the destinations. So tourism has this familiar courtyard.

One of the most visited areas is San Pedro Garza García, San Pedro is considered one of the most important suburbs in Mexico, it has a wide range of cultures and is a central point. Here, in addition, is the Chipinque National Park and Ecological Reserve.

In this area, one of the most visited hotels is the Novotel Monterrey Valle, it has many shops and restaurants. A cheaper option is the Ibis Monterrey Valle, this is a modern hotel located next to Rufino Tamayo Park in Monterrey.

The center of Monterrey is also one of the most popular places for tourists, if you are looking for a mix between modernity, fun and an industrial touch, the center of Monterrey is for you. This is where most of the city’s restaurants, bars and clubs are located. There is La Macroplaza, one of the largest squares in the world.

In the center of Monterrey there is one of the most important luxury hotels in the city, the Safi Royal Luxury Tower, a few minutes from La Marcoplaza, it offers a wide variety of services.

Another option to consider is platform hosting. Airbnb, Booking, TripAdvisor, search engines that are on the rise. The Economic Intelligence Unit stresses that all these accommodation formulas are very attractive for tourists.

The numbers and revenues back them up. According to this consulting firm, between 2020 and 2021 they generated more than 1 billion dollars, between sponsors and long and short-term housing rentals.

Faced with this scenario which favors the large flow of tourists seeking to stay in this city for one or more days, several people have decided to invest. Real estate agents, construction companies and investors have covered this demand for real estate with the appearance of housing projects, houses and apartments for sale in Monterrey.

Tourism in Monterrey: the value of this city

In 2021, a visitor flow of 743,084 was recorded with an increase of 426.9%. The total flow at the 13 airports increased by 412.8% compared to the previous year, as Wel specifies on its web portal. The growing and gradual economic reactivation has attracted domestic and foreign investment, which has generated a positive impact on Monterrey’s economy.

As the vaccination process for the COVID-19 pandemic proliferated, the city, like many others, reopened, tourism has started again and more and more places and tourist sites are reopening and even new places are starting their way.

Foreign investment has recorded an average growth rate of 33% per year, as indicated in his blog by the web portal of El Economista, so investing in Monterrey in the sale of apartments in monterey and homes or real estate has become an opportunity like never before, as the real estate supply has increased, the availability of residences and commercial land located in the best areas of the city has increased.

Investing in Monterrey is an excellent opportunity for foreigners and nationalsin these times the added value continues to grow thanks to the arrival of visitors wishing to stay, so taking advantage of short-term rentals to make your investment profitable is a good option for capturing income.

The sector is also promoted by the government of Nuevo León, which, together with private sector businessmen, universities, trade unions and members of civil society, announced the creation of Invest Monterrey, a platform responsible for promote domestic and foreign investment.

A point to highlight is that, according to Russildo, Secretary of Economy and Labor of NL, with less than 4% of the population, the state generates 8% of the national GDP, which makes Monterrey a very attractive point for invest and promote growth.

How much does a night in Monterey cost?

These are some facts that will interest you when you visit this city. The average rent for a vacation rental in Monterrey is $1,498 per night, high season $1,636, and $1,452 low season. In general, people look for places close to tourist spots as well as downtown points like the center of Monterrey, where everything is relatively close.

Whether staying in a hotel or in a vacation home, tourists seek to be close to the most emblematic and touristic places, such as the Alfa Planetarium, Paseo Santa Lucía, Chipinque, among many other tourist sites that the city offers from Monterrey.

Why is it a good option to invest in Monterrey?

After the increase in the appreciation, followed by the investment that the government is making with private companies, it has made the city of Monterrey these days a perfect place to invest.

Its attractive tourist destinations, its cultural and gastronomic richness, make it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Therefore, investing in the world of real estate, whether it is a short term rental with a vacation home, finding apartments for sale in Monterrey, a house for rent or something similar, has become a great opportunity.

Entering the field of real estate investment is an important decision, so it is essential to have companies like Casas Mitula, La Haus, Nestoria, True home that help you advise you and find the best alternatives that meet your needs. needs to begin or continue this acquisition. Whether your goal is to have a supplemental income in a few years, after quickly recovering the investment, to live in your own place or to embark on the path to financial freedom.

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