Top tips for saving electricity at home

One of household fixed expenses What is most worrying are the electricity bills because they are increasing more and more and sometimes paying this amount makes it difficult to make ends meet without financial problems. Since we cannot stop using electricity, it is best to adopt a series of tips that can significantly reduce this monthly bill.

These recommendations do not require great sacrifices, it is enough to modify a little some our habitsbut it will be worth it and we will notice it on the bank account.


5 tips to spend less on electricity

Here are some of the recommendations to save energy in your home, they are very simple to apply, so get to work!

Check your rate

One of the main tasks to save on the electricity bill is to choose the company with which we are going to contract the supply. It is necessary to evaluate the energy needs of the dwelling and choose a tariff that suits them. Compare the conditions and tariff plans of the different electricity companies that exist can be a very tedious task, but for this there are already platforms like Elijanio that do it for us. Thanks to this website, you don’t have to go through all the information manually, because here you can find everything you need to know to choose your energy supplier.

Top tips for saving electricity at home 1

Use more efficient appliances

When it comes to renovating electrical appliances, note that they have energy efficiency labels: A+, A++. A++, so you know that using it consumes up to 40% less electricity. Although these types of devices have a higher amount, this expense is amortized in subsequent electricity bills, so it is a smart purchase.

Choose the right temperature

The air conditioning of the house is one of the elements that consumes the most electricity, which is why it is not necessary to spend it neither in winter nor in summer. Ideally, the temperature inside the house is between 20-23 degrees during the day and 15-17 at night. If you are still cold, it is best to wear a bathrobe or other clothing to keep you warm, this way you not only save on your bill, but you also help to preserve the environment.

Use energy-saving light bulbs

Low consumption light bulbs such as LEDs save between 50 and 80% energy without losing an iota of brightness. Although the amount is higher, its profitability is noticeable in the medium term, since they last longer than traditional bulbs. Another advantage is that they pollute less.

Proper use of devices

In addition to being effective, it is also important that the devices are used correctly. Get used to fully loading the washing machine and dishwasher and using eco programs that use less electricity and water.

When cooking, take advantage of the residual heat in both the ceramic hob and the oven, and when using the latter, try to optimize its use and cook more than one food at a time.

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