Tips for Choosing Venetian Blinds for the Home

Venetian blinds are an ideal solution to place at home and filter the light that enters through the windows, while protecting from outside eyes and gaining privacy. It is an excellent resource for saving energy and caring for the environment, since in summer it prevents the sun’s rays from entering the house and overheating buildings, and in winter it provides additional insulation for keep the heat inside the houses. This practical guide offers practical advice for choosing the right Venetian blinds in Alkerthe leader in curtains and blinds for the home.

the venetian blinds have become a modern and practical way to dress the windowss, an alternative that is gaining popularity and replaces traditional sheers or heavy curtains. They are usually made in aluminum slats, although they can also be found in other materials, such as wood or leather. Its operation is very simple, it is enough to raise or lower them by means of a side cord and to fix them at the desired height. In addition, they have a rod that allows the slats to be oriented, so that more or less light enters.

These are the main Things to Consider When Choosing Venetian Blinds.



The material in which the Venetian blinds are made is one of the aspects that is first taken into account when choosing one type or another. In Alker offers its Venetian customers fabrics in three different materials: aluminium, wood or leather, which are, on the other hand, the most common and recommended. With each of them, a different decorative effect is obtained, each user can calmly browse your website and carefully observe how they should choose the ones that best suit the decorative style of your home.

The colour

The current market provides customers with a wide variety of colors so that they easily integrate with the rest of the elements that make up the room. However, and because it is a durable element and we do not change it too often, it is advisable to opt for neutral colors. In this way, if you decide to change the decoration, the Venetian blinds chosen will continue to adapt perfectly.

The size

Size is another key aspect to consider when choosing this type of decorative and functional element. Although standard measurements are available in any store’s online catalog, andn Alker Cortinas y Estores also offers the possibility of purchasing bespoke Venetian blindsso they will be perfect where they want to be installed.

Advantages of installing Venetian blinds over blinds or curtains

One of the main advantages obtained by installing this type of blinds instead of the typical curtains or blinds is that the house takes on a much more modern and functional look. However, these are not the only advantages, here are some of the most important.

Economical, durable and low maintenance

These are three very notable advantages. In the first place, the economic factorsince the successive crises suffered by this country have left the purchasing power of families quite diminished, these are the cheapest options on the market. Directly related to the above, they are very durable, so it is an investment that is definitely worth it and will pay off well. Likewise, its maintenance is really reduced, with much simpler cleaning than that of curtains or blinds. Just wipe the slats with a damp cloth and you’re done.

Hypoallergenic, does not accumulate dust mites

Pollution, bad eating habits… the reasons are not very clear, but the result is that there is an increasing percentage of the population who are allergic. venetian blindsin this direction, as they are not made of textile, they do not accumulate dust mitesthey are therefore an ideal alternative for the rooms of young children, the elderly or people with allergies.

Ideal for home, but also for work

the Venetian blinds enjoy incredible versatility. While it is true that they are perfect for installation in domestic environments, they are also valid and functional for work environments. Thanks to the different materials in which they are made, their wide range of colors and the possibility of making them to measure, they are decorative and practical for any room and environment.

The possibility of adjust the amount of light This is another of the qualities that make it so versatile, as they adapt the pieces to different times of the day, whether used for work or for rest and relaxation. All you have to do is raise or lower the blind or adjust the opening of the slats to get just the right amount of light.

Good insulation capacity

As you can imagine, the Venetian blinds provide greater insulating power than curtains or blinds due to the thickness of the slats. In this way they are ideal for reinforcing the insulation of windows, being, as you can imagine, respectful of naturebecause they promote energy savings.

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