Thermal insulation, free and ecological, ideal for living and sheet metal roofs

Hello friends, today I bring you a video about a thermal insulator that I did not want to stop sharing with you because it is something wonderful, to work and see when dismantling a roof 6 years old and to see the perfect condition of the corrugated cardboard that insulates the roof is something that can be done every day.

So we stopped everything and I started documenting. about this thermal insulator… I know perfectly well that many things are said about cardboard, but nothing is more convincing than the example, so here it is, and with great affection, a video which I hope with all my heart will bring you closer to the possibility of having a roof, whether it be sheet metal or a green roof, but which does not make us go through either cold or hot weather and incidentally that the heating or air conditioning does not eat up our wallet.

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