The world’s first waste-free and recyclable toothbrush

Reswirl has created the world’s first zero waste and 100% recyclable toothbrush to fight plastic pollution.

It is an eco-friendly dental hygiene brand that aims to help the climate without compromising on quality or consumer comfort.



Reswirl brushes are made with something called Bio-PBS.

It is a biodegradable and compostable material industrially mixed with calcium carbonate to harden and whiten.

The company offers these brushes through a subscription service where new brushes are shipped quarterly.

In exchange, the used brushes are returned in the prepaid packaging provided for recycling.

The brand does this because much of what consumers recycle from home ends up in landfills.


It also provides the company with a convenient supply of materials to reuse in the creation of new products, which helps the bottom line. First, all returned brushes are washed.

The materials are then separated. The handles are crushed and mixed with new materials to create a uniform quality for the new brushes. The bristles and boxes are recycled. Finally, unusable sleeves and sleeves are composted.

Compostable bioplastics.

Over the past decade, we have seen several compostable bioplastics emerge. If bioplastics become the norm, consumers won’t notice any difference in the durability of their plastic products, but once thrown away they will degrade in landfills decades faster than traditional fossil fuel-based plastics.

Reswirl brushes are ergonomically designed for comfortable use. You can buy one to test it out before subscribing. All purchases include shipping to and from the UK, so there is no additional cost for remote ordering. Although shipping has a carbon footprint, all packages are shipped in prepaid biodegradable packaging. The system creates a circular crafting system with this “infinite brush” solution. They make it possible to replace part of the 3.5 billion toothbrushes sold each year in the world which are used only a few months before being thrown away.

A great idea for major brands to be part of sustainable development.

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