The world’s first electric asphalt paver

The Dutch company BAM Infra Nederland has started the conversion of an asphalt paver into the world’s first fully electric version of this type of machine.

With its partners Wirtgen and New Electric, BAM Infra replaced the heat engine with an electric motor consisting of a 270 KWh fixed battery and two smart-commutated electric motors.

A second replaceable 270 kWh battery allows the paver to immediately move on to the next job after a long day’s work. This battery can also be used in other electrical equipment.


CO₂ savings of over 93,000 kg

Using the electric asphalt paver saves about 150 liters of diesel per eight-hour shift.

This equates to a reduction of over 93,000 kilograms of CO₂ and 115,000 grams of nitrogen oxide per year.

The electric asphalt paver can be used for eight to ten hours with fully charged batteries.

In addition to lower emissions, the electric paver also makes significantly less noise than a conventional machine.

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