The world’s first disposable paper razor

The paper razor is a durable alternative to plastic disposable razors. This razor has a paper body and a metal head on top.

Designed to pack flat, the single-use razor comes fully unfolded and can be easily assembled in seconds by simply folding the sides and top to create a rigid, ergonomic razor with a grippy handle.

Its origami-inspired design gives it as much strength and maneuverability as a plastic razor, while minimizing plastic usage by up to 98%.

The result? A razor that can be easily packed and shipped, used and then thrown away…safely of course.

You obviously wonder how a paper razor would behave if exposed to water.

Well, the folks at Kai Group, based in Japan, made the paper razor out of relatively water-resistant paper, having milk cartons and cardboard boxes in mind.

The handle can withstand water temperatures of up to 40°C, allowing for a lukewarm shave, and the metal head even has a serrated channel on top that makes it easy to rinse out hairs shaved from the blade after a few passes.

Designed for travellers, the single-use paper razor offers a much greener alternative to conventional razors. 100% plastic disposable razors.

It weighs only 4 grams, comes in a flat pack no more than 5mm thick and is available in 5 different colors: blue, red, green, yellow and beige.

Designate: Kai Group

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