the “water breaker” to avoid waste and prevent water damage

The controllable water circuit breaker developed by Hydrelis saves up to 30% water in a building. This innovation is essential for the sustainable management of water, a limited natural resource that we must preserve for future generations.

Water damage is among the most common in homes. They are usually caused by water leaks, broken pipes or leaks. The material damage caused is very expensive for owners and insurers. These problems lead to significant losses of drinking water. Now these problems can be avoided with a smart water circuit breaker from Hydrelis.


Includes water circuit breaker.

Hydrelis, French specialist in Smart Water solutions, has designed the water circuit breaker capable of detecting a leak or a broken pipe and automatically cutting off the water supply.

This invention is based on the operating principle of an electrical circuit breaker. In connected mode, it can be controlled remotely via a mobile application.

Thanks to its integrated intelligence, this device can analyze the water consumption of a building over a given period. You can send important data such as water consumption in real time, as well as anomalies and their nature to the mobile application.

Your user can instantly receive incident alert notifications on their smartphone. Once the problem has been verified and solved, the user can reopen the water system himself or do it remotely from his phone.

Advantages water circuit breaker.

This water circuit breaker incorporates a lithium battery. It does not require any additional power supply. It can be installed inside or outside a building.

This innovative solution is available in two different versions, Stop-flow® for individuals and Switch-flow® for professionals and communities.

The investment is amortized quickly thanks to the reduction in the water bill (-30% in one year). In addition, it limits the risk of water damage in a home or commercial building.

How stop-flow works:

  • In the event of a leak, the valve automatically closes the water supply circuit.
  • In the event of a pipe break, an immediate notification is sent and the water supply is automatically shut off within seconds.
  • In case of absence >3 days, it automatically closes the water supply.
  • Water is restored simply by pressing the “ON” button on the valve housing.

how to install

By following the installation guide provided by the manufacturer, the user can install the water circuit breaker himself.

The user needs a few tools, such as a tape measure, hacksaw, drill, and two wrenches.

It should be noted that this device must be placed on the pipe after the meter. At the bottom of the device, the user can find an arrow indicating the direction of water flow. The first step in the installation process is to prepare the pipe by cutting a length of 124mm.

Then clamps, quick connectors and flat gaskets must be installed to hold the device in place. The nuts must be tightened before opening the faucet. To activate the circuit breaker, the user must simultaneously press the “On” and “Off” buttons until they are locked. After testing the opening and closing of the valves, the device starts.

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