The Tiny House with integrated music studio

The last Maisonette from the French company Baluchon is a home and working studio for a composer, as the company has managed to set up a mini music studio in his living room.

The home also has an upstairs balcony which, while not unique, is a rarity in this type of tiny home.

Called Tiny House Rhapsody, it has a total length of 6 m.

It is based on a double axle trailer and is finished in cedar, with aluminum accents.

The feed comes from a standard RV type hitch and consists of a wooden frame, with a blend of cotton, linen and hemp for insulation.

Visitors enter the living room, dominated by the owner’s music studio. There isn’t much room left, but Baluchon has managed to squeeze in a sofa and a folding dining table. And there is also a projector installed to watch the owner’s huge film collection.

The kitchen includes a microwave, two-burner propane stove, fridge/freezer, sink, washing machine, shelving and pull-out pantry.

The bathroom is adjacent and accessible through a door with a decorative naval-style porthole. It has a shower, sink and toilet.

There are two bedrooms in the Rhapsody, accessible via a removable ladder. They are connected by a small walkway and are typical small house type rooms with low ceilings.

A window from the master bedroom gives access to an outside balcony, which is very small but still a nice addition.

The price of this house is not known, although Baluchon indicates that prices for finished houses are between 65,000 and 85,000 euros.

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