The tallest wooden hybrid tower in the world will culminate at 183m

After the world’s tallest wooden tower project comes the news that the world’s tallest hybrid wooden tower, made of wood with a concrete frame, is planned for South Perth, Australia. Assuming it goes as planned, the tower will rise to an impressive 183m.

The C6 was designed by Fraser & Partners for Grange Development.

Structurally, the building will consist of a concrete core, with its wooden columns, beams and floors comprised of approximately 7,400 m3 of cross-laminated timber, glue-laminated timber and glue-laminated timber.

Interestingly, Fraser & Partners note that the wood needed for the building can be regrown from 580 seeds.

The company also claims that the building will not produce carbon emissions, although very little information has been shared on this aspect so far.

The built environment is one of the top three drivers of catastrophic climate change, along with transportation and agriculture. With promising technological advancements in the transportation and agriculture sectors now helping to dramatically reduce the global carbon footprint, the real estate sector is falling dangerously behind.

James Dibble, director of Grange Development.

The C6 represents the future of what’s possible, only we deliver it now. On-site power generation, a complete electric vehicle solution that can totally eliminate the need for fossil-fuel cars, a strong focus on biophilic design to deliver tangible health benefits, and a building that actively sequesters carbon.

James Dibble.

The elegant modernist exterior of the C6 will be complemented by almost 3,500 m2 of greenery, including an urban farm that will supply seasonal products to the inhabitants.

Its interior layout will favor natural ventilation and will be spread over 48 floors, most of which will be occupied by 245 one- to four-bedroom apartments.

In addition, there will be a roof terrace with an edible garden, as well as dining and entertainment areas, common services, a public square and a park.

The C6 recently got planning permission, but it’s not yet clear when it will start to be built.

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