The surprising multipurpose house built with bamboo, stone and recycled plastic

Realrich Architecture Studio (also known as RAW Architecture) has used locally sourced recycled plastic, bamboo and stone to create a fantastic three-story family home in rural Indonesia.

The project also includes a series of additional rooms, including one intended for use as a school.

It has 400 square meters, divided between the house, a meeting space, a design studio and a school area.

The house has a stone foundation, with a bamboo exterior protected by recycled plastic. It is topped with a thatched roof made from a local plant called Nipah Leaf, combined with a waterproofing membrane.

Sumarah is a three story single family home consisting of two children’s bedrooms, a master bedroom and shared bathrooms.

The roof of the building is made of 300 x 600 mm recycled plastic panels to cover and protect the internal bamboo structure, forming a service corridor with double ventilation and double wall insulation.

The house is raised above the ground on bamboo supports, creating a shaded space that occupies a two-car garage and a bathroom.

Inside the house proper, the ground floor has two bedrooms, another bathroom and the main living room, kitchen and dining room. The upper floor has the master bedroom.

The second building, Kujang, is a two-story structure for outdoor meetings and gatherings, and will eventually house a school. It also has a workshop and a prayer room. It was also built with bamboo and has a Nipah leaf thatched roof and waterproofing.

The third area, Saderhana, consists of a simple pair of low-rise buildings on the perimeter of the site that serve as space for a dentist and a design studio. They are built with bamboo, concrete and crowned by the thatched roof.

RAW Architecture says the house was built for half the typical normal building budget through the use of bamboo.

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